Why sexual foreplay is important (especially for women)

Wham, bam, no thank you ma’am!

Can foreplay be better than sex? Yes! Especially for women, who don’t often achieve climax solely through penetration. Thanks to the ambiguous nature of sexual education in modern schooling systems, there is often a lot that women don’t know or understand about their own bodies even after reaching adulthood. If you’ve been looking to know more about how you can make sex more pleasurable for you, you’ve come to the right place. We are taking a look at why foreplay is important for women and why you and your partner should be making time for it in the bedroom.

Why is sexual foreplay important for women?

Pop culture has often romanticised the concept of quickies in the bedroom, but hear us out. The payoff for taking your time to let the heat build up could translate into a more pleasurable sexual experience for you between the sheets and better bonding with your partner outside the bedroom as well. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a look at the science behind it all.

It is a known fact that indulging in sexually arousing activities can help men get an erection and for women, help the vaginal area lubricate to prepare for penetration. How does this work? When a woman gets aroused, the vaginal area adjusts the uterus to make more room within the vaginal canal. This tenting process creates more physical space at the time of penetration which ultimately makes the process more enjoyable for women. Beyond the physical aspect, foreplay can also make a woman feel more intimately connected to her partner. The emotional aspect comes into play which ultimately makes the arousal feel more fulfilling.

Looking to spice up your sex life? Here’s how foreplay can help

It pays to note that foreplay looks different for every couple depending on what makes them feel the most connected to their partner. And no, you needn’t spend hours either cuddling and cosying up before you can move to the good stuff. Here are some easy ways to include foreplay into your bedroom life:

– Talk dirty to me

Say this line to your partner and instead of just getting into the physical stuff, spend some time building up the heat by talking dirty to your partner, whether in-person or over text. Not sure how to do it? Simply think about how you are feeling, what you like about your partner and what you’d like your partner to do to you and put these thoughts into words.

– Massage me

There is no denying the physical element of a soothing massage, so get your partner to do it for you. Choose a flavoured oil of your liking and get them to gently massage your back and sore muscles before doing the same for them. You’ll find not just your physical senses heightened, but also a stronger mental connection with your partner.

– Look into my eyes

This might sound corny, but hear us out. The act of simply looking into your partner’s eyes for five minutes without any words or talking will help you feel more intimately connected with them. As we know, the emotional connection is important for women to climax and you can gradually move from just looking into their eyes to exploring with your hands as well.

– Dance for me

Not afraid to take things up a notch, or ten? A little striptease could be just what you need to inject some excitement back into your sex life in the bedroom. You needn’t be a professional dancer either, just set the ambience with some sexy music and do what feels right to you as you strip off your clothes one by one to build the excitement to fever pitch even before touching!

– Recreate a fantasy for me

Let’s be honest: We all have one sexual fantasy that we’d love to see in real life. Share yours with your partner and the next time you have the weekend free to yourself, work on recreating that fantasy. A little help from costumes or sexy props will never go amiss!

Beyond boosting pleasure and intimacy, you’ll find that indulging in adequate foreplay before the main event will help you feel closer than ever before to your partner and also help both of you’ll learn and appreciate the joy of giving. Sounds like a win-win for everyone, yes?

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