Uncovering The Link Between Beauty And Sex

Looking for a bonus way to get radiant skin, sex is the answer —- and it is backed by science.

“Your skin is glowing!” whether or not you’re sexually active, you may have heard this line before. Maybe someone said it to you or to a friend or you may have even seen it on a TV show, regardless, sex has always been linked with glowing skin. But are sex benefits real or are they just another urban myth? Can an orgasm a day really keep the fine lines away? Well, if you’re chasing that elusive glow the answer may leave you wanting more….in bed. Scroll down to find out how adding sex to your skincare routine can leave you with the skin you desire!

How Is Sex-Linked To Beauty?

Before getting into all the deets, you first need to understand that this is in no way a replacement for your skincare products, so don’t ditch them for a wild night in the sack. Sex is merely a bonus for your skin.

Remember when we said that inside beauty contributes to your outside beauty? Well, it is not only limited to the food we consume. When you achieve an orgasm – whether it’s by yourself or with a partner – it releases a cocktail of feel-good chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin.

These work together to suppress the effects of cortisol which is the primary stress hormone in the body. In simple words, just like a tequila-sunrise cocktail can make you forget about your horrible day, in the same way, your body’s natural sex cocktail eliminates stress and anxiety. When it comes to your skin, high cortisol levels lead to issues like breakouts, inflammation and even reduced collagen production. So, in short, low cortisol results in fewer beauty-related issues.

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  • Reduces Stress-Acne

High cortisol levels mean higher levels of stress which take a toll on your skin. Along with rosacea and psoriasis, you also have to deal with stress-related breakouts. Sex releases the feel-good hormones and increases oxytocin production, which, in turn, drowns out cortisol, leaving you blemish-free.

  • Younger Looking Skin

High levels of cortisol not only result in breakouts but wrinkles and fine lines as well. During an orgasm, the hormone oestrogen is released. This hormone helps boost collagen production in the body and as you are aware, collagen helps keep the skin looking young and supple while reducing the appearance of fine lines. But the benefits don’t end here. Sex can also trigger the human growth hormones which aid in keeping the skin firm and elastic. It’s your very own anti- ageing tool.

  • Radiant Rosy Flush

Do you know why your skin turns red or you develop rosy cheeks after a good workout? It is ‘coz exercise increases blood circulation to all parts of your body. This leaves you with that post-workout glow. If you think about it, sex is kind of like a good workout since it sends a rush of blood throughout the body and gives your face an oxygen boost while sweating helps clean the pores. This keeps your complexion clear and radiant.

  • Better Sleep

We all know that sleep is important for both skin and hair health. When oxytocin floods the brain during sex, it puts you in a sleepy relaxed state after an orgasm. This, in turn, leads to a good night’s rest and refreshed skin in the morning.

  • Sex Benefits For Hair

Along with attaining glowing skin, sex can also have a good impact on your hair and nails. Certain studies have also shown that sex improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients effectively. Add in less cortisol and you’ve got reduced hair fall and luscious hair.

Whether you chose to do it alone or with a partner, there’s no doubt that achieving orgasm has its own list of beauty benefits.

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