Summertime vaginal itch: how to avoid it

Summers in India can be a scorching affair. All we want to do is sip cocktails or cold beer by the beach or pool to cool ourselves. 

The sweltering heat and humidity can leave you sweating profusely every day leading to bad BO and sweat stains on your clothes. And to make things worse, it can also give you an uncontrollable itch down there dampening your summer spirit.

Summertime sees a rise in vaginal yeast infections, particularly Candida infections due to increased heat and humidity. It leads to a thick white discharge, burning sensation, and severe itching around your vagina.

Vaginal itch is not a fun topic to discuss with your friends. But it is important to know how to keep your vaginal health in good shape to avoid yeast infections. So here’s everything you need to know to keep your vagina healthy and happy this summer.


Since the temperature in summer can soar quite high, your body produces more sweat to cool itself. The warm weather and moisture from the sweat create the perfect breeding ground for the Candida yeast to thrive.  

This leads to vaginal yeast infection that can cause uncontrollable itch in and around your vulva.

A yeast infection can also be caused due to the following factors :

  • Staying in a wet swimsuit or sweaty gym clothes for too long.

  • Eating too much sugar or having uncontrolled diabetes(sugar feeds the yeast!)

  • Disruption in vaginal pH due to douching or using scented products around your vagina.

  • Hormonal fluctuations before your periods.

  • Wearing tight clothes or body shapers throughout the day.


  • Choose your clothing wisely

The best thing you can do to keep yourself dry down there is to wear cotton underwear. Its breathable fabric doesn’t trap moisture and allows your skin to stay dry and cool. Loose fitted clothes like skirts or dresses can also help your nether regions stay dry and comfortable. 

Oh, and go commando at night if you can!

  •  Keep your private parts dry

If you go swimming, avoid hanging around the beach or pool in your wet bath suit. Dry off immediately and change into clean, dry clothes to let your vaginal area stay dry. The same for your sweaty gym clothes too. 

You can also use a natural dusting powder around your pubic area to absorb sweat and moisture and reduce itching.

  • Avoid irritating your vagina

No matter what happens, do not douche! Your vagina is self-cleansing and does not require any extra help. Douching and even using scented intimate care products or lubricants can disrupt the pH levels in vagina leading to infection and vaginal itch. 

So use only unscented products around your vulvar region and wipe yourself dry immediately after sex to reduce irritation.  

  • Keep your sugar in check

Since sugar helps the yeast to grow, keeping your blood sugar levels in check can also help avoid infection.

Avoid food that contains a lot of refined sugar or carbs. And add some probiotic foods like yogurt, pickle, or kombucha that have healthy bacteria to help fight the yeast.

  • Practice proper intimate hygiene.

After you use the loo, always wipe yourself from the front to the back. And if you are on your period, change your tampons or sanitary pads throughout the day to keep the area dry and clean.


If you notice any itching down there accompanied by redness, burning sensation, or unusual discharge, call up your doctor or gynecologist immediately to seek treatment in time.

There are various vaginal suppositories and creams that can help relieve itching by killing the fungus. But it’s best not to self-medicate as symptoms of yeast infection often overlap with other vaginal infections. So seek medical advice to properly diagnose your condition.

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