Sensuality: How to explore your sensual side without a partner

With 14th February just a day away, everyone’s screens are flooded with romantic to-do gestures and #couplegoals posts. Well, if you are single this Valentine’s day, there’s no need to draw the curtains and binge watch Netflix while drowning your loneliness with a tub of ice cream or a bottle of wine. Instead, use this day as a starting point to fall in love with yourself. Lucky for you, we’re going to reveal how you can explore your sensuality without a partner. Exploring your sensuality has many benefits, some of which include experiencing pleasure better, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and even gaining a boost in confidence. In short, embracing your sensuality will help you fully embody your true femininity — emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Before you proceed, you must first understand the difference between sensual and sexual — no, they’re not identical.

Sensuality deals with deriving physical pleasure which can either be sexual or not, while sexuality refers to sex. Confused? Well, keep reading.

When we say that sensuality is physical pleasure, it may be anything that’s pleasing to one or all your 5 senses. So, a certain smell or the feel of a fabric against your bare skin, pleasant sounds, even the feeling evoked by watching a sunset — these can all be sensual. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, you can be sensual without being sexual or feel obscene or vulgar. It’s high time women explore their sensuality without feeling ashamed or guilty. If you want to get on the path of exploring your sensuality, you need to learn what your body needs — likes, dislikes etc. We’ve noted down a few ideas to help you begin this journey.

Create A Judgement-Free Space To Explore Your Sensuality

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or married, it is important to create a space that is free from the world’s prejudices; a space where you can fully express yourself and feel no shame to be who you are. This space can range from the privacy of your bedroom to a supportive group with women who share the same ideology or even with your partner.

This space should allow you to explore your deepest self by tapping into your sense of touch, sight, sound, hearing and even smell. Scroll down to check out some easy-to-follow activities for each sense that will help you discover what brings you pleasure.

Sense Of Touch
  • Invest in a body butter or lotion and gently apply the product on your skin before going to bed. Many of us are guilty of hastily rubbing lotion on our bodies. You need to take time to feel the sensations on the skin from the moment the liquid touches your body, to the way your skin feels once you start to massage it. Even a face roller or Gua sha can invigorate each and every cell in your body as the cold stone touches your skin.

gua sha


  • Sit by the window in the mornings and feel the warmth of the sun on your face, whatever the season. Try making this a daily routine every morning and watch how you immediately notice a change in yourself.

  • Society has made self-pleasure one of the most tabooed topics, but the truth is, it helps to uncover oneself. As sensuality is not only about sex and achieving an orgasm, you can simply touch every inch of your body and understand what makes you feel good.

  • Silk and sensuality complement each other. Wear extra silky clothes or undergarments and feel the way the fabric caresses your body.

Sense Of Smell
  • There’s a reason why scented candles have become a cult-favourite. Scented candles not only set the mood but certain aromas also evoke a sense of calmness or even bring out your inner vixen.

  • Indulge in aromatherapy by adding essential oils to your bathwater. Scents like roman chamomile, lavender, and rose help induce a sensual and soothing feeling that is beneficial to our emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • If you’re pressed for time or under a lot of stress at work, add some essential oils in a diffuser while you work and concentrate on the aroma when things get a bit too hectic.


Sense Of Taste
  • Eat something in total darkness. Strange as it may sound, eating in complete darkness enhances the sense of taste which intensifies the flavours.

  • Put your palate to the test by trying foods you’ve never eaten before.

  • Treat yourself by making or ordering your favourite dish or a cuisine you’ve been craving for a while and savour every bite.

Sense Of Sight
  • Watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset while keeping your phone at bay.

  • Light a candle and focus on how the flame dances on the wick.

  • Go to the beach and watch the waves crash on the shore.

  • Get a lava lamp and concentrate on the movement of the bubbles for 15 minutes.

Sense Of Sound
  • Sit in your safe space, close your eyes and focus on every sound around you.

  • Play different genres of music until you find one that makes you move like a puppet on a string.

  • Repeat a mantra out loud for a couple of minutes. Daily mantras do have a significant impact on your view of life.

  • Start listening to ASMR if you haven’t already.

Remember, embracing your sensual side will automatically increase your sexual confidence.

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