Our favourite ways to tell your partner that you are expecting

Roses are red, violets are blue. Here’s how to tell your partner a miracle is due

Whether you are expecting your firstborn or your fifth, there is no denying the excitement and euphoria of knowing that you are pregnant. As soon as the second line shows up on your pregnancy test, you know that your home and your heart is going to be fuller than ever before. And while a test may have already given you the news, there is no reason to not build a little air of suspense and surprise before giving your partner the thrilling news. Here are all the fun, creative ways to tell your partner about the big news:

1. Does he love a good mystery? Plan a scavenger hunt

You could, of course, go running to your partner as soon as the second line shows up on your pregnancy test. Or you could delay the announcement and plan a fun little surprise instead! When your partner comes home from work, leave little clues around the house that will ultimately lead them to the positive pregnancy test for a fun reveal!

2. Does he love to read? Make a trip to the library

“When in doubt, go to the library.” Borrow from Hermione Granger’s iconic quote and make a trip to your nearest library or bookstore. Look for books on pregnancy (What To Expect When You’re Expecting remains an all-time favourite) that you can gift-wrap and deliver to your partner to let them know about the new addition to your lives.

3. Does he need just a little hint? Say it with a t-shirt

Don’t want to break the big news over a hurried breakfast on a busy morning? Let a t-shirt do the talking instead! Gift your partner a slogan t-shirt with some quirky sayings, such as ‘promoted to daddy’, to inform him of the big change in your lives.

4. Does he need a more obvious hint? Gift him baby stuff

In case you’d like to spell out the big news in a more obvious way, it is time to go shopping! Hit the baby aisle and gift-wrap some cutesy baby stuff to spill the beans on your big news. Looking to add some fun to the reveal? Pack a pair of baby shoes within a men’s shoe box for a proper surprise.

5. Does he love practical jokes? Put a bun in the oven

If your man loves a good joke, it might be time to get literal. Place a bun in your kitchen oven and tell him that you’ve baked him a delicious surprise. Once he puts it together, it is sure to make a fun story to share with your kids someday!

6. Does he have a sweet tooth? Say it with treats

The onset of pregnancy is going to herald some changes into your lives, both big and small. Take a cue from what’s in store in the coming month and hand him a gift hamper stuffed with all of his favourite treats and a note on the top: If I’m going to put on weight, so should you!

7. Or is he a foodie? Plan a baby-themed dinner

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, or so the famous adage goes. If he loves a hearty meal, speak to him in the language that he knows and understands best! Put together a meal featuring baby potatoes, baby ribs and more, and ask him to guess the theme of the meal.

8. Does he like horoscopes? Tell him his fortune

If you’re looking to give him a teeny tiny little hint about his future, it might be time for some good ol’ fashioned fortune telling. Order Chinese takeout for dinner and slip in a custom fortune cookie with the big news.

9. Does he love surprises? Install a baby tracking app on his phone

If you are looking to catch him completely unaware, it is time to get sneaky. Steal his phone while he’s not around and install a baby tracking app that sends out notifications about the baby: “Congratulations on week six, your baby is now the size of a pomegranate seed!”

10. So, he really loves surprises? Order a diaper delivery

Looking to level up the surprise quotient? Choose a time when he’s likely to be at home and order a pack of diapers online. When the delivery guy delivers the diapers addressed in his home, he’s going to realise what use they will soon be put to!

Whether you love big surprises or small hints, breaking the news in a fun way to mark the start of your new journey into parenthood together. So don’t be afraid to get creative and make it a moment to remember!

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