My Wellness Routine: Peel-infused water, A2 Desi Ghee and Yogalates

Shritama is very conscious of how her body feels on the inside. She believes that our body is a whole unit and how we look on the outside is just a projection of your inner well-being. “For me beauty is a feeling, and I can’t feel beautiful if I am not well mentally, physically or emotionally,” says Shritama. Take a peek at her daily wellness routine that involves lots of antioxidants and healthy fats combined with an energizing workout routine.

  • Drink up my antioxidants

I look for fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants and then look for ways to consume most of the nutrients from them. Citrus fruits, as we all know, are potent sources of antioxidants. But, what you probably might not know is that citrus fruit peels contain even higher concentrations of vitamin C (along with other antioxidants) than the fruit itself. Since you can’t juice the peels, the best way to have them is by infusing them in water. Some peels with great antioxidant potential that I like to infuse in water are citrus fruits like oranges and lemon, potato, raw banana, watermelon.

  • Go straight on to my yoga mat

I have always loved yoga, but honestly never followed it dilligently until a year back when working on the laptop translated into back pain, neck cramps and stiff shoulders. Today my yoga practice has become more than just a workout to keep my body and mind at peace. I start by chanting om, follow it up with a full body stretch and end it with a few minutes of intense pilates. Boho Beautiful’s back pain and sciatica relief yoga flow is really helpful if you want to strengthen your back and shoulders.

  • Shower and finish my beauty routine

As soon as I finish my workout, I jump into the shower. I like Fiducia Botanicals Hemp Body Exfoliator for daily exfoliation as it is plant-based and feels gentle on my skin. Moisturization is a must for me, be it body or face. I’m using Shankara’s Sundarya Body Oil at the moment and loving it. It is not too greasy, but takes care of the dryness quite well. So, ideal for weather conditions which are not too cold.



  • Desi Ghee is a must in my afternoon meal

Healthy fats are essential to enhance the anti-inflammatory functionalities of both the body and the skin. Desi ghee made from cow milk is one of the richest sources of healthy fats, that not only fights diseases but also helps in boosting our metabolism. Ghee improves our skin’s barrier function, keeping the moisture locked in and the microorganisms out. I have to add 1 tbsp ghee in my curries and rice for the added benefit. It’s been a childhood habit that I still follow and totally believe is the key ingredient for a healthy, glowing skin. Go for A2 ghee which is made from A2 milk that contains A2 protein that is healthier than A1 beta-casein protein found in regular ghee.


  • Diffuse essential oils to unwind after work

I love to work, but I also love myself. I feel everyone needs to learn the trick to switch off and switch on. Especially since working from home has become the new normal, it’s difficult to do so. I make sure to unwind and relax after work. Diffusing essential oils is fun but it also is so so calming on your mind. It brings you closer to yourself. You feel a sense of positivity, and stillness. Some of my favourite essential oils are rose geranium, lavender, ylang ylang and clary sage.

  • Use a pillow mist right before I hit the bed

I love a good night’s sleep for fresh, healthy looking skin the next morning. Nothing can be more relaxing than a deep slumber after a heavy work day. But what decide the quality of your sleep are the things you do before you hit the bed. I have made some conscious changes in my pre-bedtime habits that have improved my sleep dramatically. I stop using my phone atleast 30 minutes before I’m ready to retire for the day. I listen to some healing music, follow my night skincare routine, spray some lavender pillow mist on my pillow and sheets. And, lights out! I’m off.


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