How to keep your body in shape over the festive period

Diwali celebrations can take a huge toll on your body because let’s face it, you don’t get to cheat on your diet every other day, right? But, there are more to come. We hope you haven’t forgotten about the upcoming Christmas and New Year parties. It’s actually pretty easy to steer through the festivities and come out without putting on those extra pounds (or just a few that don’t really make a difference). You just have to be mindful of your eating and lifestyle habits. Here are some easy tips that you can follow to keep your body in shape without stressing about digging into those mithais and namkeens.

  1. Sit in vajrasana for 10 minutes after you are done with your food. It will aid digestion and help relieve flatulence (gas) and acidity.

  2. Skip sugar-loaded sweets and drinks. Make your own desserts at home instead of store-bought sweets. Use natural sweeteners like honey, dates and jaggery instead of white sugar.

  3. Eat cookies and munchies made with fresh and whole foods like mathri, kebabs, and dry fruits instead of junk or packaged foods. They can really disturb your digestive system and contribute to those extra kilos you don’t want to gain.

  4. Drink plenty of water as it can help suppress your appetite and boost metabolism. Water also helps in the overall detoxification of the body. So, keep your body hydrated throughout the festive season to keep your body in balance.

  5. Never arrive hungry to any party. This is the biggest mistake people make. You have complete control over the things you eat at home. But, when you skip your meals and arrive hungry to other people’s party, you are bound to eat what they have to offer. Don’t make that mistake. Have you meal before you step out of your homes to ensure you have excluded everything that can stress your body.

  6. Chew your food well and take your time while eating. Control your greed to swallow the sumptuous food fast. If you take enough time to chew and swallow the food, you can cut the caloric intake, because eating food for a longer time reduces the appetite. This results in less eating meaning less calorie, simple!

  7. Portion control is necessary. If it’s about craving, we say go for it. But if you understand your body well, you’d know where to stop. Don’t overfeed yourself. Small portions will help satiate your cravings and won’t be calorie-heavy on your body too. For instance, eat one-fourth of a laddoo instead of a whole desi ghee sodden thing. For bigger meals that you cannot avoid, ask for a quarter plate to restrict your portions. Tip: Never take a second helping.

  8. Cut down on alcohol – Don’t tank up on the alcohol at Diwali card parties. Remember, drinking alcohol is like giving your bodies a dose of pure sugar. They are extremely high in calories; even a supposedly low-calorie drink like 45ml of 80 percent proof vodka is almost 100 calories. If you cannot avoid drinking completely, sip on a glass of red wine. Atleast you will get some antioxidant benefits along with the calories. Avoid sweetened mixers with your drinks and stick to plain soda and fresh lime.

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