Hot in the heat? 10 summer sex hacks to try this season


Sexy time in the summer has a different feel to it! Think about –– the temperatures are soaring, with each rising degree you take off one piece of clothing, only to be walking around in the bare minimum. Okay, that is a bit of a stretch, however the heat does contribute towards revving up your sex drive. So it might not be as glamorous or cosy like cuddling up in front of a fire during winter, sex during summer is a need we cannot ignore. Yes, it is sticky. Yes, it is sweaty. And no it shouldn’t be a turn off –– especially when you are using the weather to your advantage. Here are 10 summer sex hacks to make your sex life sizzle this season.


#1 - Ice Ice Baby


Suck on an ice cube before going down on your partner. This will keep them cool and give them chills (quite literally). As part of foreplay, you can also melt the ice cube on your partner’s body by using your mouth.


#2 - It’s Shower Time


Shower sex FTW! Run a cold water shower and hop into it with your partner. The cold water will cool down your body and increase its sensitivity. You can either continue in the shower, or take it to the bed…completely wet!


#3 - Turn Up The AC


Want those cosy vibes in summer again? Make sure to turn up the AC all the way –– get under the covers with your significant other and get naughty. Plus you won’t have to deal with the slightly icky feeling of ‘sweaty’ and ‘sticky’ bodies touching.


#4 - Drop The Lingerie


Lingerie is sexy. What’s even sexier? Swimwear sans the beach or pool! Slip into some sexy and slightly raunchy swimwear –– y’know the kind that covers only the necessary bits. It’s going to come off in seconds anyway, so make sure you go as skimpy as possible…just, to tease.


#5 - Go Commando


Want to spice things up a little more? Try going commando under your outfits! This’ll not only keep you cool down there, but will also give you easy access when things start getting hot and heavy. Word of caution: make sure to do it at an appropriate time and situation and not when you’re wearing a summer skirt on a windy day at your partner’s grandmother’s birthday.


#6 - Sleep Naked


Did you know that sleeping naked helps you fall asleep faster, reduces stress, boosts skin health, and so much more? Plus, during summers it really helps your skin cool down. Turn up the fan or AC, and get into bed naked. When your body is cool and less sticky, the feeling of your partner’s skin against yours will be a lot more arousing than before.


#7 - Try The Outdoors


Skip the bedroom, kitchen, and living room and sneak in some sex outdoors like the beach or in your car. But be careful! *Cough* Sex outdoors in public places is still illegal –– so tread carefully. Also, make sure you lay down a towel when you’re going at it at the beach, or else you’re going to be finding sand in unnecessary places for days after.


#8 - Go Skinny Dipping


Rented a private chalet for the evening? Go skinny dipping in the swimming pool! It’s a huge turn on. Even better? If the place has an open shower or a bathtub –– then you can kill two birds with one stone.


#9 - Opt For Tropical Fragrances


Go for coconut scented lubes and citrusy or fruity essential oils to set that ‘holiday’ mood. Orange or lemon fragrances are energy boosters, help relieve stress, and alleviates your mood, making summer sex a lot more fun and exhilarating.


#10 - Cool Those Sex Toys


Bring out those glass and stainless steel sex toys from storage and keep them refrigerated before use. You can even cool them down in a glass of ice cold water to prep them before use. Massage the sex toys on to their erogonous zones including their nipples, inner thighs, neck area, or under the breasts.

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