Everything You Need To Know About Sexual ASMR

It’s 50 shades of zen

There’s something very soothing about certain sounds –– be it a soft, sensual whisper, tapping of nails against the keyboard, the pitter patter of rain on a window –– all of these sounds lead to an almost calming effect, that induce a sense of euphoria in your mind. This so-called ear-gasmic technique is known as ASMR –– autonomous sensory meridian response –– an audio visual sensory trigger. And only a select few from the general population actually get triggered by it. In the last couple of years, ASMR videos of everything (and we mean everything) started taking over the internet –– makeup ASMR, water ASMR, sleep ASMR, name it and we had one for every need.

Even if these whispers may not have tickled your fancy, erotic ASMR might certainly strike a different chord with your ears.

What is sexual ASMR?

So, ASMR wasn’t designed to turn you on. After all, very few people would find loud crunching on food a reason to take their clothes off and have sex with someone. However, ASMR techniques are known to calm and relax your mind –– it takes you to your happy place, leaving you feeling zen and refreshed. When your mind is at its happy place, it tends to open up to other sensations, and this is what transports you to that orgasmic land of sexual ASMR.

ASMR sex incorporates the hair raising, toe curling technique in your sex life so that you can take things to a whole new level. A whisper in your ear, the scrunch from a little playful hair pulling now and again, all of these are triggers that entice your senses during sex. Some may find it turning on, while others may think it’s just white noise –– sexual ASMR sound triggers can vary from person to person. So, don’t be surprised if your new partner jolts a little if you blow into their ear –– it’s not meant for everyone!

What does it entail?

Before you let your imagination run down the 50 shades part, sexual ASMR isn’t about whips, chains, or any sort of pain. It doesn’t give the Kamasutra competition and won’t put you in an awkward sex position you’re too embarassed to talk about. Sexual ASMR takes you to your happy place instead. Happy place equals a safe place and that’s why all the triggering sounds and feelings are soft and gentle, and very very sensual. Whether it’s a whisper or a soft touch, it’s all about trusting the person you’re experiencing it with. If you were to compare it to a feeling, it’s something like getting a massage –– there’s a release of tension that puts you in a trance that you wish nobody snapped you out of.

Am I kinky if I like it?

Not really. Once again, ASMR isn’t sexual by nature. Just like meditation or a massage would slow down your heart rate, so does ASMR. Although it feels super good and pleasurable, it won’t make you want to go at it like bunnies in a jiffy. There’s no connection between ASMR and horniness –– it just creates an environment that encourages arousal. Sexual ASMR relaxes your mind and sends a tingling feeling through your body, allowing you to be more open –– this heightens and improves intimacy. And since you’re more sensitive to other sensory triggers, it can turn you on.

How to incorporate sexual ASMR in the bedroom?

Remember, each person functions differently. Each person gets turned on differently. So it’s mostly about trial and error with your partner. Here are a few techniques you can definitely give a try in the bedroom the next time you want to get intimate.

1. Calming whispers

This is like dirty talk…but, a tad cleaner. Whispering your fantasies into each other’s ears is a nice way to begin your sexual ASMR journey. Take turns to describe scenarios, but be gentle and calming when doing so.

2. Trace patterns

You often see this in movies. A couple lying in each others’ arms, tracing down patterns on the skin –– yeah, it’s not only a turn on in movies, give it a try IRL too.

3. Oral sex sounds

Who said you need to be silent when you go down on each other? Sounds during oral sex increases pleasure levels for both partners.

4. Listen to sex sounds

You are what you hear? Heighten your sexual experience by listening to sounds of soft moans or sex noises. This is sure to get you and your partner into the mood, especially if ASMR excites either of you.

New to ASMR?

See what works for both of you. While porn and the 50 Shades franchise might make it seem like your needs come first and your partners will follow, you might want to see what turns both of you on together when trying out ASMR in the bedroom. It’s about bringing sensuality to whatever you do, so keep it gentle and go with the flow from there.

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