Benefits of a sex cleanse

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Whether you're yay or nay for it, at this point there's no escaping the new age fads like digital fasts and weight management detox remedies. Well, there's a new cleanse trend that has caught our attention (all thanks to Kourtney & Travis) and we just had to update our #TGMCommunity about it. So let's dive into it and talk about sex- Sex Cleanse to be exact! Not familiar with it? Well, this trend has many terms --- sex fast, sex detox, sex cleanse, but call it what you want, the goal remains the same --- to make sex more pleasurable. Don't believe us or a celebrity? Fair enough! Before celebrities jumped on this bandwagon, Sex therapist Ian Kerner released a bestselling book called Sex Detox. In this book, he suggests a 30-day fast from sex to help rejuvenate relationships.

So, what exactly is a sex cleanse and how does it help turn up the heat in the bedroom? If one of you Greenies feels like your sex life with your partner is equivalent to a tedious or a mundane task or if you're single or casually dating and feel like things aren't as pleasurable as they used to be well, you've come to the right place. 

In this article, we're going to help you understand how abstinence will help rekindle the romance and bring back that spark.

What is a Sex Cleanse?

Just as the name suggests, sex cleanse is all about giving up sexual intercourse for a period of time. The time period can vary from person to person. You can abstain from it for a couple of days or two weeks. But experts suggests that not having sex for 30 days can do wonders for your relationship. In other words, not having sex can help you crave sex more. 

Yes, we see the conundrum in that statement but imagine that euphoric rush you get when you take your first sip of coffee after giving it up for a month. In the same way, if sex has become a mundane task for you and your partner, giving it up for some time will just make your desire soar and your loins yearn for more. 

Do you need to stay away from each other during the cleanse?

The answer is no. Sometimes sex is used as a way to avoid communication in a relationship which leaves both parties blind to each other's wants and needs. Taking sex off the table helps you reconnect with your partner and help you get a clearer understanding of your relationship. During this VOLUNTARY dry spell, you can use the time to embrace each other, eliminate expectations and excuses. You also get the opportunity to explore each other's emotional needs which were otherwise neglected.

Disclaimer: It takes two to make a relationship work. If you're embarking on a sex cleanse, it is important to not leave your partner in the dark! Communication is KEY to any healthy relationship. Be sure to sit down with your partner so that they are well aware of your intentions and motivations. 

For all our single greenies out there, don't drop off just yet, a sex cleanse could be beneficial for you too! If you're single, maybe a break from those dating apps or your casual Fuck boi give you the clarity you seek. This will help you understand yourself better emotionally and physically. It will even boost your confidence while also disrupting any dysfunctional dating patterns you may be following. 

What to expect after your 30-day dry spell?

  • 1. Increases desire to be with each other

For those in long-term relationships, multiple external factors like work, and social responsibilities, make the relationship a formality. The dry spell will reignite that spark and increase the intimacy, love, and attraction between the two. It may even strengthen the bond.

  • 2. Helps build a foundation during the early stages

For those who have just started dating or are in the early stages of a relationship, a sex cleanse can help the couple understand each other better and help build a deeper connection. After all, the foundation of a relationship is more than just sexual compatibility. 

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, fun, romantic, and not feel like a task. If it's the latter for you, add a 30-day sex cleanse to your to-do list. 

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