A beginner’s guide to vibrators, wand massagers and more!

If you’re just starting your journey with vibrators, here’s what you need to know!

When it comes to sex, most people turn on incognito mode just to get the necessary information. Unfortunately, since sex is still a taboo topic in India, many are clueless about some of the most basic things when it comes to sex and sexual pleasure. In this article, we’re going to focus on sexual pleasure and specific devices that can help you achieve an orgasm, with or without a partner. So, what is this magical device we’re referring to? Well, we’re talking about vibrators.

But if you’re just starting out your journey with this item, don’t pick the first thing you see. It’s important to choose the right one, especially if you’re a beginner. Scroll down to get all the deets on this pleasure-achieving device and how you can find your perfect match.

What Are Vibrators?

Let’s first start with what these contraptions are and their purpose. We’re sure most of you already know the answer but for those who don’t, in simple words, vibrators are sex toys. Even though they come in different shapes and sizes, their main purpose is to stimulate sexual pleasure. How do they do that? Well, they vibrate and when kept on the erogenous zones it can lead to pleasure. In 2021, you have various types of vibrators that cater to everyone’s needs. Aside from size, there are those that have their own speed and intensity and can be adjusted according to your liking. Vibrators are appealing; especially for women ‘coz the user has much more control and it’s easy to find the right spots.

Why Would Anyone Want To Buy This?

Sex or more specifically, orgasms have plenty of health and skin benefits. So, whatever guilt or shame is stopping you from exploring such topics, it’s time to put them aside. Plenty of research suggests that orgasms … with a partner or a vibrator, can release endorphins, which in turn, reduces stress and improves your sleep pattern. But this device is not only for the young. Women going through menopause can also benefit from using a vibrator as it increases blood flow to the vagina, in turn, reducing dryness. And finally — they are fun!

Types of Vibrators

Now that we’ve covered the purpose, let’s get shopping. Ladies … (and gents), if you are new to the vibrator world, you need to understand that they are all not the same. There are 5 main types of vibrators, each targeting a specific area. To find your chosen one, you need to first understand what they do. This will make it easier to find a vibrator that will better suit your needs. Keep reading to find out what they are:-

Internal vibrators

As the name suggests, these vibrators are meant for penetration and designed to stimulate the G-spot. Since they are created to mimic a penis, you’ll find many that come in a long cylinder shape. Size-wise, they can vary from one to five fingers.

External vibrators

External vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate only the clit and labia. They are great for those who don’t want penetration or are looking for a little clit stimulation during intercourse. What’s great with external vibrators is that they can range from three-inch bullets to large magic wands.


Looking for the best of both worlds? Then this is what you need. But if you are a beginner, you may want to skip rabbit style for now as it can be bit too overwhelming. Combo vibrators simultaneously give you both external and internal stimulation. You’ve probably heard the word dildos before, well; they are usually combo vibrators that hit both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time.

Anal Stimulators

If you’ve watched the movie or read the book 50 Shades of Grey, then you may have come across this word before. Anal stimulators or butt plugs are small devices that go in the butt. And you don’t need to worry about them getting lost since they have a flared base that stops it from happening.

Penis Vibrators

This one is for the guys. If you and your partner are exploring new things to try in the bedroom, then you can start with this. Penis vibrators, also known as cock rings, are excellent for those men who struggle with arousal. It can even enhance pleasure. When it comes to finding the right size, these vibrators are stretchable to accommodate any size.

It’s Not Just About The Shape & Size

  • Sensations Are Important

Nowadays, you have a wide variety of vibrators that not only differ in size but in vibrations and intensity as well. Some have a buzzy vibe and others, rumble. The buzzing vibrators have a high pitch noise, just like an electronic toothbrush and are more beneficial in stimulating the clit. The rumbly vibes, however, are low-pitched and go deep into the body to stimulate the pleasure points.

  • Pick The Right Material

Whether you pick an external or internal vibrator, it’s important to choose the right material. This goes for everyone, not only newbies. So, what’s the best material? Well, silicon is very promising as they are nonporous, easy to clean, soft, and safe for the body.

  • Don’t Forget The Lube

Yes, this is important if you want to reduce friction. Lube helps disperse the vibrations and make your vibrator encounter a lot more pleasurable.

Note: If you are using a silicone vibrator, use a water-based lube.

  • Cleaning is Important

Whatever goes on or in your body needs to be thoroughly cleaned after every use — this is a no-brainer with any product. This goes for your vibrators as well if you don’t want to disturb your vaginal flora. You don’t even need any fancy vibrator cleansing soap. Your normal vulva soap and water will work just fine. Once washed, dry it well and store it in a clean place. You can also give it a quick rinse before using it for your next session.

What happens if you don’t wash them? Well, there is a chance of the dreaded UTIs, yeast infection etc.

We are made to believe that masturbation and vibrators are unnatural and shameful which is why many people avoid this topic.  Science, however, disagrees as there is plenty of research material that proves orgasms have plenty of health and skin benefits.

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