8 sex positions that are ideal for conceiving a baby

If you’re looking to take that crucial step into parenthood, these sex positions will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

The past year has been one that no one could have predicted, but it has also offered time for a much-needed pause from the breakneck pace of modern life. With our everyday routines temporarily placed on pause during the pandemic-induced lockdown, many found the time to rediscover what they love and grow closer to their dear ones as well. This period prompted many to re-examine their lives and make room for those whom they love, with many couples deciding to use this time as a springboard into parenthood. If you and your partner feel that the time is right to start a family, here are the sex positions that can help make the process easier.

How important are sex positions for conceiving a baby?

Scientific research is still underway to determine precisely how effective sex positions are for those specifically looking to conceive. However, it is also true that certain positions can aid the process better than others. If you’re looking to take that crucial step into parenthood, plan a romantic time for you and your partner and end the night with any of these positions that will help ease the process:


An oldie but a goldie: This time-tested classic lives up to its lofty credentials for those looking to conceive a child. Having the man on top can aid the flow of gravity, thereby increasing your chances of getting pregnant. On the other hand, having the woman on top can often complicate the path for the sperm to reach the cervix. For those looking to further ease the road, it helps to place a pillow under your back.

Doggy style

A perennial favourite with couples, this position can further aid your chances of insemination as it allows the man to go in deeper. With the woman kneeling on all fours and the man right behind her, it allows the sperm optimal access to the cervix which offers increased chances of getting pregnant.

Legs on shoulders

As you might have grasped by now, the key to getting pregnant is ensuring that gravity works in your favour. This simple change to the regular missionary position can create a favourable angle for the sperm to enter the body. Start by lying down on your back and placing your legs over your man’s shoulders for added pleasure as well as easing the flow of gravity for the sperm to reach its intended destination.

Reverse cowgirl

An eternal favourite with women, this female-on-top position allows you to take over the reins of the action. By placing yourself above your partner and facing their ankles, you can assume full control over the depth of the penetration, thereby ensuring that the sperm is granted full entry to where it needs to go.

Side-by-side scissors

Taking the decision to conceive a baby can be a monumental moment for couples, and this position will allow you to feel closer to your partner than ever before. With both partners lying down on their sides and facing each other, it can allow for increased intimacy during intercourse while also guaranteeing deeper entry.


For the athletic type, this position makes for an adventurous change from the usual routine. Start by holding yourself by your hands and let your man envelope your legs around your thighs for deeper entry.  In addition to working with the flow of gravity, it also makes for optimal penetration for your partner’s swimmers.

Rear entry

If you are looking to improve your odds of getting pregnant, research has found that this position can offer deeper penetration than the regular missionary position. With the woman lying down on her stomach while the man enters from behind, it can afford ideal access to the sperm to reach more quickly into the cervix.

Whichever position you like the most

Let’s face it: taking the decision to enter parenthood can be a life-altering one, and you’ll want to make this journey together with your partner. To ensure that you feel comfortable through the process, it helps to stick to whichever position has worked best for you so far and allows you to feel the most connected with your partner.

How to improve your chances of conceiving besides sex

While sex is a crucial part of the equation, there are several supplementary measures you can take to tip the odds in your favour. This time is ideal to take control of your physical health to ensure that you are in prime shape for motherhood — it is helpful for your body mass index (BMI) to be in the recommended range. It also pays to take notice of what is on your plate: an ideal diet would include adequate amounts of folic acid and limited intake of alcohol, if any.

Once you have done the prep, the remainder of the work comes down to acquainting yourself with your ovulation cycle. Your highest chances of getting pregnant are in the five days leading up to ovulation as well as on the day itself. By perfecting the timing for intercourse, opting for an optimal diet and getting the timing right, you will hopefully be on the road to parenthood in no time.

Remember: the pressure of having a baby can be stressful for couples, so don’t forget to communicate well with your partner about what you are feeling so you can both make this journey together!

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