7 things you need to do with your partner to know him better

If life was a romcom, we’d meet and fall in love with that special someone at first sight and ride off into the sunset happily ever after. However, the facts of real life can often differ from fiction. Whether you’ll have been together for seven days or seven years, it always helps to put in the work to understand your partner to give your relationship a solid base set in concrete. If you are looking to revive that spark or simply get an understanding of what your life together will be like, here are some easy activities to try that will help you understand your partner on a deeper level.

Activity #1 – Want to see how well you’ll work together? Cook a meal together for date night

If you plan to spend any length of time with your partner, you’ll definitely want to know how well the two of you can work together as a team while dealing with the mundanities of everyday life. If you are looking to test your teamwork, why not conquer one of the trickiest frontiers: the kitchen! For your next date night, skip the takeout and instead attempt to cook a recipe together. This will help you understand how messy, clumsy or patient you’ll are with each other in the kitchen and in life.

Activity #2 – Want to put your relationship to the test? Take a road trip together

If you are ready to level up, it is time to get this show on the road. Taking a trip together is known as one of the key milestones of a relationship, and with good reason. Beyond enjoying the scenic route, this will help you understand how the two of you function in the unknown and the unfamiliar. Do you’ll tend to get exasperated and run out of patience easily or can you’ll work together on finding your way back? A simple weekend getaway can help you understand all this, and more!

Activity #3 – Want to know his world? Meet each other’s friends

So, you know everything there is to know about your partner as a person, but you are wondering what his world looks like? Who are the people he values the most and who shape his opinions and viewpoint on the world? It’s time to schedule a dinner date with all of his friends. The way he interacts with his friends will help you gain insight on his personality, likes and dislikes while he is in a relaxed setting.

Activity #4 – Want to see what everyday life will look like? Run errands together

When you first meet that special someone, it can seem like life is a bed of roses. However, if you are in it for the long haul, it pays to know and understand what everyday life will look like after all the fun and games have subsided. The easiest way to know this is to run everyday errands together, such as shopping for groceries. This will help you understand how the two of you can navigate the mundanities of everyday life together.

Activity #5 – Want to test your compatibility? Plan a movie night

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but how can you bridge the gap? If you are looking to test your compatibility in terms of your personal likes and dislikes, your movie choices can be a telling experience. For your next date night, plan a movie marathon and pay attention to each of your picks for the night. Do you’ll take forever to decide on something or are you’ll able to reach an amicable conclusion easily? Does he look down upon your taste in pop culture or vice versa? The easiest way to put this to the test is to plan a night of Netflix and chill!

Activity #6 – Want to know his history? Play some games

You might feel like you know everything about your partner currently, but it is natural to feel curious about what his history has been like. After all, our life experiences shape us and mould us into the people we are today. If you are looking to gain some understanding of his past experiences, look for some fun games such as ‘Never Have I Ever’ that can help you browse through the highlights of his life while keeping things fun!

Activity #7 – Want to feel connected on an intimated level? Have a staring contest

Hear us out on this one! Looking deep into each other’s eyes might sound like the remit of a ‘90s romcom, but something as simple as a staring contest can be a deeply vulnerable experience. Once you have found out everything there is to know about your partner with all the activities above, you’ll want to take the ultimate step: to see how vulnerable you can be with each other. By simply looking into each other’s eyes for ten minutes, you’ll feel like you’ve seen your partner’s true self and you’ll feel connected to him on a deeply intimate level (even before any physical touch is involved!)

It might be impossible to know every single thing about a person (and hey, some level of mystery can always keep things fun in a relationship!) but with these measures, you might find that you can connect to your partner more easily and comfortably. Here’s to bringing the walls down and enjoying meaningful, fulfilled relationships with those who matter the most to us!

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