5 Clean, Non-toxic Vaginal Washes For Your Vulva

With no harmful chemicals, these vaginal washes will keep your lady bits clean and healthy.

VAGINAS —- have you ever wondered why this one word can make almost anyone shift awkwardly in their seats? Strange, isn’t it? Vaginas, vulvas are all part of the female anatomy and yet, people feel a sense of shame in saying these words out loud. Well, we would love to change that with one vagina topic at a time.*No such thing as TMI here*. And this time it is all about your vulva washes.

Keep on reading to know more about vaginal hygiene and which vulva washes you need in your bathroom cabinet.

Importance Of Feminine Hygiene

Before jumping to vulva washes, it’s important to first know the difference between a vagina and a vulva. Here’s the deal, your vaginal canal, is like an independent woman who depends on no one, in short – it is self-cleaning! It is located inside the body, has a high acidic pH level and consists of plenty of good bacteria which prevent the growth of bad bacteria. Your vulva, on the other hand, is outside the body. This includes your labia, clitoris, vaginal opening and it does require some amount of cleansing.

Vulva washes are for the outer area and don’t go inside your vagina, unlike douches *BTW, unless medically recommended, douches are douchy*. While there is a rise in vulva washes, unfortunately, many brands bank on the insecurities of women and provide washes that claim to make your vag smell like a rose garden. Some are even packed with harmful chemicals which come with the risk of potentially ruining your vaginal health. Thankfully, we live in an age where clean, non-toxic products are slowly gaining popularity! So, just like skincare, there are a few brands that do not include any harmful chemicals and will leave your vulva clean and healthy.

How Do Toxic Ingredients In Vulva Washes Affect Vaginal Health

Douching, steaming, sprays, vag deos, fragrance wipes – the list for vagina & vulva cleansing products is long and some, so unnecessary. These not only disrupt the pH balance but once absorbed into the vaginal skin, can also lead to allergic reactions, headaches, vomiting, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and worse case scenarios, issues with your reproductive health *yikes*. The good news is that there are carefully formulated products in the market. Natural, non-fragrant washes with no harmful chemicals are designed to only cleanse your vulvar area without disrupting the vulvovaginal microbiota.

Steps To Clean Your Vulva The Right Way

In The Shower

Cleaning your vulva area is easy-peasy — all you need is lukewarm water and your clean vulva wash. Remember to always wash from front to back, in other words, vulva first, then anus. This will reduce the chances of bacteria from the anus entering the vagina. The same rule applies after using the washroom.

After Sex

Your blow dryer was not made for your vagina, so it is best if you didn’t use it there. Peeing right after sex cleans out any bacteria that may have migrated into the urethra. Meanwhile, a clean cloth will eliminate the moistness and reduce the chances of any yeast infection.

TGM Bonus Tip:

If you’ve been following us for a while, then you are probably familiar with our concept of what you consume affects your skin. Well, this is true for your vaginal health as well. For vulva and vaginal health, foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and probiotics are the best.

5 Clean Vaginal Washes We Love

The dilemma to get the finest products for your lady bits is all too real — we totally agree! So, we did the tedious task for you and found 5 clean vulva washes that will leave your lady bits feeling fresh and healthy.






Your lady bits deserve all things good, even when it comes to something as simple as vulva washes. So, keep the harmful chemicals at bay.

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