3-day juice cleanse to detox your body

If you want to detoxify your body naturally without adversely affecting your system, juice cleanse is the way to go. This is not about weight loss (though it’s quite possible you’ll shed a few kilos), but rather a way to reset and restart.

This 3-day juice cleanse plan is perfect for flushing out all the toxins that have accumulated in the body and reset your system. Because let’s be honest, all of us are guilty of stuffing ourselves with junk food and our body deserves a break.

A juice cleanse is a detox diet where you stay off solid foods for only a short period (3-5 days). This gives your digestive system a rest and allows it time to remove all toxins from your body.


Reboots Your System

Accumulated toxins in the body are the source of most illnesses. Your organs are already well-equipped to remove toxins and waste from your body. But putting food in your stomach doesn’t allow this to take place.

By doing a 3-Day Juice Cleanse, you are allowing your organs to just Marie Kondo all the toxins away and hit reset on yours digestive systems.

Supplies Essential Nutrients

Juice Cleanse is a better way to detox than fasting since it provides nutrients to your body to stay healthy. Fruit and vegetables juices are full of antioxidants and essential vitamins, minerals that further aid the detox process.

Lose Weight Naturally

If you have been planning to start a weight-loss diet, a 3-day juice cleanse is the perfect way to prep your body for it. By removing all processed carbs and unhealthy fats from your diet, your body goes into fat-burning mode quickly helping you lose excess kilos.

Better Skin And Health

Juices are super hydrating! Couple that with lack of any dairy, processed foods and artificial sugar and your skin will be clearer and glowing from within. The detox process even helps improve gut bacteria and reduces digestive issues.


To start your 3-Day Juice Cleanse, all you have to do is replace your meals with 300ml of fresh juice every 3 hours. You can go with vegetable juice, fruit juice or even a smoothie (use non-dairy milk though).

The best time to do it is over the weekend allowing your body to get adequate rest.

Here is a breakdown of 3-day Juice Cleanse Routine:

Day 1

8-9 AM -Lemon juice squeezed in warm water and dash of honey.

11-12 PM -Green juice (recipe here)

2-3 PM – Fruit Smoothie with coconut milk

5-6 PM – Juice made with seasonal produce

8-9 PM – Colon Cleanser (carrots+apples+ beet+ginger)

Day 2

8-9 AM – Coriander juice (recipe here)

11-12 PM – Green Smoothie (kale+spinach+ celery)

2-3 PM –  Watermelon+ pomegranate+ mint leaves.

5-6 PM – Citrus Juice (oranges+strawberry+papayas)

8-9 PM – Green juice

Day 3

8-9 AM – Spinach+ Bottle Gourd+ Amla

11-12 PM – Colon Cleanser

2-3 PM – Citrus Juice (oranges, strawberry, papayas)

5-6 PM – Green Juice

8-9 PM – Smoothie (recipe here)

It Can Get Hard!

We don’t want to scare you in any way, but living on liquids for 3 whole days can be difficult. Because sugar cravings are real and will tempt you to eat something unhealthy.

Also, if the person sitting next to you is gobbling down your favourite pizza while you haven’t eaten food in 3 days, it can be pretty hard to resist.

You may even feel your energy level is at an all-time low.

But once it is over, you will feel like a whole new you!! So it is definitely worth it.


  • Keep drinking enough water through the day even if you have to pee more often.

  • Avoid drinking any caffeinated beverages during juice cleanses.

  • If you are pregnant, lactating or have medical issues, consult your doctor before trying a juice cleanse.

  • Continue with healthy eating habits to sustain the weight loss. There is no point in doing a juice cleanse if you just go back to the usual unhealthy eating habits the next day.

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