12 Habits Happy Couples Swear By For Marital Bliss

Love is always in the air!

Ever seen couples that give you #goals and wonder what their recipe to this saccharine sweet happiness is? Can you even have the perfect marriage? Well, it isn’t all that black and white –– while there’s no sure shot formula to a perfectly imperfect relationship, the key lies in the little things. The little everyday habits is what makes a relationship work. And no, this doesn’t mean no fights, arguments, or debates. It just entails keeping in mind a few things for that Hollywood/Bollywood perfect romance, sans the drama!

Here are 12 habits happy couples swear by for marital bliss.

1 – There’s No Score Keeping

It’s tempting to set up a scoreboard, however remember you and your better half are on the same team! Don’t keep score on who did what chore when, or who paid for date night –– you’re in this together, so work as a team!

2 – It’s All About The Little Things

A goodmorning note if you don’t run into your partner, or a quick video call during your lunch break is all it takes to uplift each other on a daily basis. Small gestures go a long way, so make sure to make an effort with the little things.

3 – Transparency Is Key

As cliche as this probably sounds, honesty and transparency go a long way in making any relationship work. Going out with boys? Tell her. Need to cancel date night for your best friend? Inform them instead of lying your way through. Be honest about your feelings towards your partner and make sure you communicate them so that both of you are on the same page

4 – Kiss Hello & Goodbye

A little PDA won’t hurt anyone. Make sure to kiss your partner goodbye each time you bid farewell to them for the day. On that note, give them a tight hug and quick peck every time you see them too!

5 – Give Each Other Space

Have a life of your own without your partner. A little space will help you bond better during the times you do spend together. Also, it’s okay to be in the same room with each other and do your own thing. ‘Me’ time in a relationship is as essential as ‘we’ time!

6 – Sleep Naked

There’s nothing more freeing than cuddling between the sheets with your partner without your pjs. Turn up the AC and use each other’s body heat to comfort one another! Plus, it’s a great way to wake up the next morning!

7 – Share A Hobby

Find something you both love and do it together. This’ll make you want to spend time with your partner, without having to spend time with your partner. Don’t be surprised if you discover something new about them!

8 – Have Lots Of Sex

Does this even need an explanation?! Getting naughty between the sheets is the best way to bring yourself closer to your other half. The mutual feeling of love and playfulness will bring you closer each time you have sex.

9 – Erase The Past

Never ever bring up the past! Let bygones be bygones in a relationship. Bringing up exes or past history with people will only make your present a little sour.

10 – Set Fighting ‘Vows’

Make a list of rules that neither of you can bring up during an argument. This can be about an ex, a fight you had in the past, or even the in-laws –– these topics are off-limits in an argument, as it’s a sensitive topic for you and your partner.

11 – Be Friends First

Friends first, partners after. Having a strong friendship in your relationship will make spending time with your other half a lot more effortless. Think about it! If your partner is someone who truly knows you and understands you for who you are, you will find a sense of comfort and ease. Everything else then falls into place –– fights become a lot more fun, sex becomes more interesting. Your relationship won’t feel like work.

12 – Try New Things Together

Whether it’s in the bedroom or in the outside world, try new experiences together. This strengthens your bond with each other, and makes spending time a little less of a task. Whether you have a fear you’d like to face, or just a new cuisine you’d like to try, doing it together will be so much fun!

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