10 relationship books for couples

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that things tend to oscillate from good to bad times until something snaps, leading to an unpleasant argument, or worse. The magic lies in bouncing back from the bitter moments and progressing ahead of the sweet ones. Here are ten books to give you a little insight on enriching your love life and things from turning into a dumpster fire.

  • Getting the Love You Want – A Guide for Couples, 20th Anniversary Edition

Get ready to take a long hard look at yourself and make some huge decisions. This book will make you think until you realize your motives behind choosing your current partner. You will be pushed to confront the questionable habits you keep denying and gain some insight into the dynamic between you and your partner. One part could be fun, or cause more fights — exercises to do with your partner.


  • Hold Me Tight – Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

“You are sending me mixed signals.” “No, I didn’t mean to undermine your importance in my life.” “I feel like I keep chasing you while you run away, it’s demeaning.”
If your relationship is subject to this game of closeness and distance, then you need this book in your life. Non-psychology folks have no idea about the commonness of this phenomenon, but it happens to everyone.


  • Wanting Sex Again- How to Rediscover Your Desire and Heal a Sexless Marriage

If the blunt title is anything to go by, then this book is definitely going to add some spice to your life. This book digs deep to figure out your relationship struggles and offers effective solutions. It’s perfect for couples who do not know the cause of their dry spell and frustration. Whether it is boredom, spite, biological reasons, or the classic lack of trust, this book approaches everything in a scientific, educational manner.


  • The Highly Sensitive Person in Love: Understanding and Managing Relationships When the World Overwhelms You

You are attending a loud party, and your partner is having the time of their life. You, on the other hand, could not wait to get out of the chaos, noise, and chatter surrounding you. It overwhelms you to the point that your partner finally snaps, relieves themselves of the pent up frustrations about you having ruined their night. It’s certainly not your fault, but there is a solution to these problems. This book will help you create a balance between having a fulfilling relationship while staying true to yourself.


  • The ADHD Effect on Marriage: Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps

Four percent of adults deal with ADHD, and it has a massive effect on their relationships. Thanks to the unnecessary labeling, people with ADHD often get stereotyped by ignorant partners, which causes more damage than just a ruined relationship. So if your partner has ADHD, do yourself a favor, change your lifestyle and train yourself to deal with it in a healthy manner.


  • The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

Ever felt underappreciated in your otherwise great relationship? Try to remember: when was the last time your partner did not quite like the thoughtful gift you bought them? Or they felt suffocated by your detailed verbal expressions of love? Irrespective of the case, this behavior suggests a gap in understanding and the shame of losing a relationship to something that you can improve. This book will help you both figure out what the other likes and dislikes, which will possibly save your dynamic from turning into a bitter mess.


  • Why Marriages Succeed or Fail: And How You Can Make Yours Last

To all the people who have a feelings-only approach towards their relationship, it is time to reflect on your actions. Love tends to take a backseat when the effort stop from both ends, and it turns into a cycle when people do not recognise it. It’s only a matter of putting the hard work in the right areas without making your world revolve around it.


  • The Science of Happily Ever After – What Really Matters in the Quest for Enduring Love

For all the single readers looking for a partner, this book is for you! It talks about our decision-making abilities, which are usually so well-calculated but often turn out to be wrong in love. A piece of rationality suddenly switches off in our heads when we find a connection with someone.


  • Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

After the initial adventure of getting to know each other, relationships can settle into a comfortable monotony, which can cause some of us to feel bored, almost. This book finds the solution to keeping a balance between routine and adventure, so everyone wins in the end!


  • Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love

This book is more than relevant in the crazy social media age that has left most of us with a wandering eye. Some people may not enjoy this book given to its staunch opinions, but it can be an eye-opener. This book is more about providing insights rather than advice.


Let us think about the two famous tv couples from the popular show – Friends. Ross and Rachel, with their fun yet toxic dynamic, entertained viewers for years. On the other hand, we have Monica and Chandler, the stable, secure, and functional couple who set a benchmark for healthy relationships on television. Both had problems, but one of them was good at being lovers.

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