A 3-day plant-based diet plan for beginners

Going green has never looked this good!_

If you’ve been feeling guilty about slacking off on those well-intentioned resolutions made at the start of the year, it is never too late to get started! While embarking on a fitness program might require dedicated effort, making the switch to a healthier eating pattern is easy-peasy. Here’s why a plant-based diet is a worthy candidate to help you achieve your health resolutions, and how you can get started. Bonus: Scroll right till the end for a three-day diet plan that you can start right away!

What is a plant-based diet and why should you opt for it?

A plant-based diet is one that is focused entirely on foods that can be derived from plants. While vegetables and fruits are the obvious suspects, it also extends across the spectrum to include beans, legumes, seeds and oils. In all, it consists of five different types of food groups: fruits, vegetables, tubers (root vegetables), whole grains (cereal, quinoa and so on) and legumes (pulses, lentils etc). Even though the word ‘plant-based’ is often used synonymously with vegan or a vegetarian diet, it need not necessarily be devoid of meat. This diet is primarily centered around plant-based foods; individuals can choose how much meat they’d like their diet to include. Thus, the Mediterranean diet (which includes meat and seafood) is a plant-based diet since it focuses on plant-based foods, while a vegan and vegetarian diet can qualify as a plant-based diet as well.

If you’re looking to give your everyday diet a healthy update, making the switch to a plant-based diet is the first step towards a better, fitter you. And the world of science clearly agrees. Research and clinical trials have found that opting for a plant-based diet can significantly dial back the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression and certain types of cancer. Those suffering from high blood pressure can also benefit from opting for a plant-based diet. For senior adults and those at an advanced age, this diet can lead to more robust physical and mental health.

Making the switch

As monsoon draws to a close across the country, it is time to usher in the new season with a refresh to your daily diet. Opting for a plant-based meal plan can open the door to some cosy recipes that you can enjoy all winter long. The same principles apply as with any other diet plan: if you make a drastic change suddenly, it likely won’t prove consistent in the long run. Begin slowly but surely by sticking to the foods that you enjoy and will look forward to eating. Remember that cutting back meat needn’t mean that your only options are spinach and other leafy vegetables. Start by making a list of your favourite plant-based ingredients and then look up recipes that champion these ingredients. If you’re looking to refresh your tastebuds, you can always try a different cuisine each week, from Middle Eastern to Italian and Greek. Ready to get started? Here’s a simple three-day diet plan to introduce you to the wonders of plant-based eating.

3-day plant-based diet plan for beginners

Day 1

Oatmeal with fresh fruits OR Banana coconut oatmeal

Veggie wraps OR Black bean burger

4pm munchies:
Peanut butter oatmeal cookies

Stir fry vegetables OR Veggie buddha bowl

Day 2

Whole wheat berry muffins OR Brown rice pudding

Kale salad OR Veggie skewers

4pm munchies:
Cinnamon-spiced banana milkshake

Vegan nachos OR Butternut squash risotto

Day 3

Tofu scramble OR tofu breakfast bowl

Quinoa tacos OR Grilled corn

4pm munchies:
Crispy chickpeas

Black bean burrito bowl OR Mango salad with peanut dressing


To ensure that you are meeting your required quota of everyday nutrients, you can always look to dietary supplements for a nudge in the right direction. You can confirm that your body is receiving a wholesome, well-rounded portfolio of nutrients by adding supplements for vitamin D, iron and calcium in consultation with a registered physician.

Happy eating!

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