10 productivity snacks to try on long wfh days

Put down the cheesy fries and hear us out

There was a time when we’d get up and take breaks with our colleagues during the workday. But the onset of the work-from-home lifestyle has led most of us to default to a sedentary lifestyle. Couple this unhealthy bingeing on junk food during the day and you have the perfect recipe for disaster!

We are what we eat, and when we do it right, the correct kind of food can help boost the brain and increase focus and productivity — thereby ensuring that you don’t nod off during your umpteenth Zoom call of the day. The good news is that you don’t need to invest in multi-vitamin supplements or fancy protein bars to give your brain a little nudge in the right direction. There are a host of everyday foods that can help get the blood pumping in your brain, and you probably have most of them in your pantry already! If you’re looking to add some fuel to the fire, here are the snacks to binge on during the day instead of greasy, fatty foods.


Instead of munching on sugary snacks, give your brain an instant dose of vigilance with fresh blueberries. Known widely for boosting cognitive power and memory, keeping a handful around your workdesk will ensure that you stay alert and on top of all your tasks for the day.


Designed to take you back in time, your favourite childhood snack can also help accelerate your brain during that mid-day slump. Loaded with magnesium, chickpeas speed up message transmission in the brain and ensure that you get more done through the day. If you’re looking for a fuss-free way to snack on these brain boosters, we like to take ours roasted and tossed with olive oil.

Pumpkin seeds

You might not have much cause to think about pumpkins throughout the year beyond Halloween, but it might be time to change that. Another rich source of magnesium, pumpkin seeds can significantly improve mental agility and sharpen your memory, which allows you to focus more sharply on the tasks at hand during the day.

Green tea

A favourite among the health conscious, the benefits of sipping on a calming cup of green tea are many and varied. For starters, those who consume green tea during the day are known to be more productive. Also, it can produce the same effect as caffeine with the help of amino acids, so swap your morning cup of coffee with an energising green tea instead.

Mixed nuts

Consider these little babies as superfoods for your brain. Beyond just serving as an excellent powerhouse of proteins for your body, a handful of nuts can also flood your system with antioxidants and amino acids that are proven to ramp up your brain power and cognitive abilities.

Dark chocolate

Yes, you read that right! If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, dark chocolate makes for an excellent candidate during the workday as it contains enough caffeine to keep your brain alert and vigilant as well as magnesium, which we now know is one of the good guys for alleviating stress and enhancing productivity.

Greek yogurt

Not all healthy snacks have to be leafy and green: if you are looking for a guilt-free indulgence in between meetings, it helps to reach for a delicious bowl of greek yogurt topped off with chopped nuts and seasonal fresh fruits. The payoff comes in the form of a protein- and calcium-packed boost to your brain.


This picture-perfect snack won’t just look good on the ‘gram, but will serve as a great storehouse of omega 3 fatty acids as well. Why do you need them, you ask? They enhance blood circulation to the brain, and experts believe that even consuming one avocado a day can instantly fire up your cognitive cells and help you get more done than ever before.

Sunflower seeds

Another excellent candidate for a brain-boosting snack, these seeds can not just rev up your mental powers with B vitamins, proteins and omega fatty acids, but also enhance your overall mood with tryptophan which helps the brain release serotonin and dispel any low moods you might face during the day.


You’ve always heard that you should chug down the recommended eight glasses of water for clear skin, but the good news is that it can also directly impact your productivity during long days of working from home. Dehydration can not just decrease your attention span but also serve as a catalyst for stress and anxiety. Staying hydrated through the day then becomes the clear solution for chasing away mid-day fatigue.

How to stick to your healthy eating resolutions during work

Yes, on paper, we all know that a handful of magnesium-packed seeds are a healthier alternative for the brain than your fourth cup of coffee for the morning. But following through on our well-intentioned health resolutions can be difficult when you are constantly juggling deadlines, meetings and Zoom calls. It helps to stay focused by planning a clear-cut schedule for your snack and meal times to avoid any unnecessary bingeing through the day. When possible, it helps to prep your meals beforehand to avoid bingeing on whatever junk food is available at hand at the last moment. If you’re looking to maintain portion control, you’ll find it handy to sort out your snacks into portions beforehand instead of eating directly out of the container. And above all, don’t stress or place too much pressure on yourself: once you develop a habit of eating right, you’ll find that it only gets easier from here on out!

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