10 infused waters to cool down your summer body

If you find drinking plain water too boring, you will love drinking infused water to stay hydrated this summer. The temperatures are rising across the country even as June is about to begin. And while you may be tempted with sodas, ice creams and readymade fruit juices, food infused water is a much healthier way to cool down your body during these hot days.

Sodas and readymade fruit juice usually contain a lot of refined sugar which actually leads to inflammation in your body. So infusing your water with some naturally cooling herbs and fruits is much more refreshing option with added nutrients. It’s super easy to make one and the added flavour will compel you to drink more during the day too.


Infused water is adding some fruits, herbs or even vegetables to water and allowing it to sit overnight to infuse the water with flavour. Some people even like to call it detox water as it is very low in calories and helps improve your digestion.

At first, this may sound like a western concept. But in India, adding tulsi or other ayurvedic herbs to a copper mug filled with water and drinking it first thing in the morning is well-known for its health benefits.


All you need to make food-infused water is water and some food items to infuse it with. If you are using fruits or vegetables, chop them up and add to it a glass pitcher or mason jar filled with water.
Store this in the fridge for at least 4-5 hours or overnight to allow the flavours infuse. Strain out the water and sip on it throughout the day to stay hydrated.

If you are adding herbs, you can warm the water slightly for a stronger flavour. The quantity of food can also be adjusted to your liking depending on how strong or light flavour your want.

Tip: Mash the food items slightly for a stronger flavour.

  • Watermelon

Of course, there is nothing more refreshing and hydrating than watermelons during the summer. They have a naturally sweet taste and are the perfect seasonal fruit to to cool your body. So chop up some watermelon pieces and infuse your water with it.

  • Raw mango

The sweet and sour taste of raw mango makes for a wonderful infused water flavour. Raw mango is helpful in preventing your body from dehydration and protects you from heatstroke too. Remove the skin and cut up the mango into small slices to add it to your water.

  • Fennel Seeds

Fennel or saunf sherbet is a regular summer drink in many Indian households. It has a cooling effect on your system and eases digestion too. Crush up fennel seeds lightly and let it sit in water overnight to make a cooling infusion.

  • Mint

Fresh peppermint leaves have an instant cooling sensation in your body due to their high menthol content. So adding some leaves to your water will help cool down your body internally.

P.s the combination of watermelon or raw mango goes pretty well with mint if you want to boost the flavour.

  • Khus

Vetiver Root or khus is a well-known herb for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. So skip the sugar-laden khus syrups in the market and infuse your water with some dried khus roots instead. You can buy them from Urban Platter.

  • Kokum

Kokum sherbet is another popular summer drink especially in the Western ghats of India due to its cooling effect on your digestive system. It has a tangy taste and can help you beat the summer heat.

  • Cucumber

Apart from salads, the cooling cucumbers also make the perfect ingredient for food-infused waters when paired with lemon. Cucumber is naturally hydrating and cooling in nature while lemon helps beat sunstroke. Together, they will make the perfect summer drink to sip on throughout the day.

  • Coriander

Coriander or dhania is a refreshing condiment. It can help cool down your body and even reduce acidity levels or heartburn. Plus, it has some detoxifying properties too. So sipping coriander infused water first thing in the morning could be a good summertime ritual to stay cool.

  • Coconut

If you are missing the tender coconut water during your lockdown, you can try infusing your water with some fresh coconut slices to stay hydrated and cool during the hot temperatures.

  • Rose Petals

Yes, rose petals too have a naturally cooling effect on your body. They are a key ingredient in several summer drinks like Gulkand or Rooh Afza that help reduce acidity and reduce heat from your body.

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