10 nutritious foods that will support you as you age

A stronger you starts from what’s on your plate_

It is no secret that as the body ages, it requires certain additional care. This especially holds true for women whose nutritional needs change significantly post the age of 40. This landmark number usually coincides with the onset of menopause, which is a sign that your body needs a little more TLC than usual as your metabolism starts slowing down. For those looking to dial back the clock, here are some nutritious foods that need to be on your grocery list for a healthier, stronger you from the inside out.

10 Nutritious Foods You Need To Add To Your Shopping List

The shopping list: For better skin


There’s a reason you’ll find papaya in so many exfoliating products: the enzyme it contains, papain, is an excellent agent for keeping inflammation at bay while also helping your body shed dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin underneath. Besides this, it is also loaded with a wide range of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E and K

Try this: The benefits of this fruit are best enjoyed freshly sliced with your morning breakfast but you can always sneak it into your DIY scrubs as well.

Red bell pepper

Not only do they look decorative on a plate, but red bell peppers are a treasure trove of anti-ageing agents, such as beta carotene and vitamin C. The former does the job of a natural sunscreen for your skin while the latter plays an important role in the production of collagen which, as we know, decreases with age.

Try this: For an on-the-go snack, you can slice some into a salad or dip it into hummus for a crunchy bite.


This little berry brings a wide portfolio of nutrients to the table, including vitamins A and C. These anti-ageing antioxidants not only dial back the clock on collagen loss but also serve as the frontline in preventing damage from sun exposure, pollution and stress.

Try this: Fresh, seasonal blueberries serve as an excellent topping for your morning yoghurt or cereal but you can also whip them into a flavourful smoothie.


Wait, hear us out on this one. Broccoli may not score any points in the popularity stakes, but this veggie is stuffed with vitamin C which the body needs to produce collagen to ensure that the skin retains its elasticity. Think lesser wrinkles and smoother, supple skin that is soft to the touch.

Try this: The go-to method is to chop it raw for everyday salads but if you are not a fan of the taste, you can sneak it into your casserole for dinner and you won’t even notice that it’s there!

The shopping list: For a stronger body


Again, not another cult favourite but inviting spinach on your plate has many and varied benefits. For starters, it is a goldmine of vitamin K which is key for fortifying bone density and strength. In addition to improving the skeleton structure of the body, it also supplies essential nutrients for strengthening eyesight as you age.

Try this: Want to tap into the benefits of spinach but not a fan of it? Put it where you can’t see it by blending it into a smoothie or mix it into soups and stir-frys.


Beyond warding off any unfriendly vampires, a clove of garlic could also be the secret to keeping bone loss at bay. Especially recommended for women post-menopause, garlic can help significantly reduce the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Try this: While eating raw garlic would be the ideal way to derive its nutrients, you can also add crushed garlic to ready meals.


Whether you like yours scrambled or sunny side up, there’s no denying the powerhouse of nutrients that can be opened up by adding one egg to your daily diet. Crack one open and inside you’ll find a treasure trove of vitamin D that is crucial for improving bone health as the body grows older.

Try this: While everyone has a fixed preference for eggs, you’ll want to make sure that you include the egg yolk as that is the main source of vitamins.

The shopping list: For a sharper mind


Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, munching on a handful of flax seeds everyday could be the key to a sharper mind as you age. Flax seeds have also been linked with research on combating depression due to their mood-enhancing properties.

Try this: Beyond munching on it as a snack, you can stir them into morning cereal or add a spoonful to your afternoon yoghurt.


Your spice rack is a hidden treasure chest of essential nutrients, and turmeric is leading the pack with its many benefits for your cognitive health. This is because it contains an essential compound called curcumin that is known to significantly improve mood and memory for adults in their 40s and beyond.

Try this: There are endless ways to add some sunshine to your diet, but popular options include adding it to smoothies, roasted veggies or even tea.


If you’ve been drinking your daily glass of milk before going to bed, you could be ahead of the pack when it comes to stronger cognitive skills. Research has confirmed that milk drinkers have higher memory and other related brain functions than those who drink little to no milk.

Try this: A warm glass of milk is key for relaxation before bed, and you can always make certain additions to make it more fun, from honey and maple syrup to cinnamon and turmeric.

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