10 foods to eat for vaginal fertility, lubrication and pH balance

Eat your way to better vaginal health with these health-boosting foods.

Troublesome odours, discoloured discharge, and dryness… if vaginal problems are painful to experience, they are generally even more awkward to talk about. If things have been feeling different down there lately, it helps to examine what is on your plate. The right foods can assist healthy circulation, keeping dryness and tightness at bay, while also spicing things up in bed.

Say goodbye to UTIs with cranberries

Beyond looking pretty on your plate, cranberries can also assist with lowering the frequency of urinary tract infections (UTIs). But how do they get the job done? Scientists believe that cranberries make the urine more acidic in nature, thereby creating an inhospitable environment for infection-causing bacteria. However, if you are looking to derive its benefits, it pays to steer clear of sugar-loaded juices and to make your own fresh smoothies at home.

Boost your fertility with sweet potatoes

Not just an exotic ingredient in recipes, sweet potatoes can also offer wide-ranging benefits for women’s fertility. Especially important for those looking to get pregnant, one serving can offer 700% of the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin A which boosts cervical fluid and strengthens vaginal walls. Start your day with this vitamin powerhouse by adding it to your toast recipes.

Make friends with probiotics for vaginal health

Fact: The vagina plays host to thousands of microorganisms, which includes the good kind of bacteria as well. However, when the harmful bacteria outnumber the healthy ones, it can lead to infections and changes in vaginal discharge. If you are looking to restore the balance, allow probiotics to help with introducing more good bacteria to the region through fermented foods, such as yogurt.

Fish could be key for painful menstrual cramps

Move over, paracetamol. If you are looking for lasting relief from menstrual cramps, it helps to include salmon in your diet instead. Known to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it can help reduce inflammation, thereby offering relief from painful cramps. If you’re not a fan of grilled fish, you can even look at ensuring your intake of omega-3 fatty acids by including fish oil capsules in your daily diet, as recommended by a physician.

An apple a day…

Could keep sexual boredom at bay. Indeed, research has discovered a connection between the daily consumption of apples and better quality of sexual life by promoting better arousal and lubrication in women. The phytoestrogen and antioxidants found in apples can also help stimulate better blood flow in the vagina.

Always time for avocado

Everyone’s favourite superfood doesn’t just look good on the ‘gram; it looks good for your vaginal health too. When the estrogen levels in the body dip low, the vagina feels drier than usual, often making sexual activity painful. Avocado comes to the rescue by flooding your body with healthy monounsaturated fats that help balance the hormones. The simplest way to enjoy its benefits is to have it seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Leafy greens can work miracles for vaginal dryness

When things start to feel a bit dry down there, it helps to examine what’s on your plate. If your everyday diet has been lacking its share of greens, you’ll want to remedy it right away because leafy vegetables work on purifying the blood and boosting circulation, thereby preventing vaginal dryness. Not a fan of green purees and smoothies? Look for non-boring ways to introduce some to your diet, such as adding spinach to a frittata or sneak them into your garnishes.

Strawberries for a healthier sex life

Looks good, tastes better: what’s not to love about strawberries? If you’re looking for new excuses to add them to your diet, consider this: the high concentration of zinc boosts blood flow to the vagina, alleviating any dryness down there. They also flood the body with antioxidants that can, in turn, boost fertility and sex drive in women. But while it might seem tempting to indulge in the many desserts that this fruit stars in, the healthiest way to avail of its benefits is in a fresh fruit salad or to blend it with almond milk for a delicious smoothie.

Go nuts over nuts

If you slather your face with moisturiser during the day to keep it hydrated, it pays to do the same for your vagina — but from the inside out. Fatty acids work in a similar manner to keep the vagina lubricated, and walnuts and almonds serve as a goldmine of these essential nutrients. Peanuts are also a potent source of vitamin E which strengthens the vaginal muscles for childbirth while also combatting any dryness.

C is for citrus

Looking to improve things in bed? A healthy amount of oranges in your diet could get you there. Known as a rich source of vitamin C, citrus fruits help stimulate wetness in the vaginal walls, leading to greater pleasure during sex for women. Even one orange consumed during the day can help meet 116.2% of your body’s requirement of vitamin C, so it’s time to invite the sunshine fruit into your plate.

Beyond keeping things healthy down south, these fruits and vegetables can help your body in myriad ways. So the next time you’re putting together a grocery list, we know what you’ll want to add!

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