Why you should make the switch to sustainable marine collagen

Collagen is the favourite c-word of the skincare industry, and it is little wonder why. An essential building block for the skin in the face and body, collagen holds credit for the elasticity in the face as well as reducing visible wrinkles and fine lines. Armed with this knowledge, the skincare industry has made it a mission to discover every possible way to feed your skin collagen to offset its drooping levels as we age, from topical creams to collagen-spiked powders and supplements. However, getting your skin its necessary quota is just half the battle won—you’ll also want to pay attention to where you are getting your collagen from, and here’s why:


Why you should make the switch to sustainably sourced collagen

A closer browse of ingredient labels will lead you to discover that many products lean on marine collagen peptides for supporting skin and bone health. This form of collagen is typically derived from fishes, such as codfish. While natural is always considered superior to chemicals in the world of beauty, you’ll want to do your due diligence and ensure that the safety and efficacy of the ingredients are maintained during the production process. However, with fish-derived marine collagen, you’ll also want to pause and question whether it is being extracted in a sustainable manner.


As with all marine products, it is necessary to pay thought to how the ingredients are being sourced. A sustainable model of sourcing marine collagen would ensure that the local fish population isn’t unscrupulously exploited, the environmental impact of fishing practices is considered and the integrity of the marine ecosystem is maintained. With the world of nutraceuticals on the rise, it is essential to ensure that the aquatic population isn’t exploited in an unchecked manner. Recent research also recommends the adoption of a zero-waste strategy that employs by-catch organisms, such as undersized fish, as a promising source of collagen.


How TGM Beauty is committed to sustainable marine collagen peptides

As a clean and sustainable lifestyle-focused beauty brand, TGM Beauty has anchored its lineup on a holistic approach that works from the inside out. As part of its premiere offering, The Glow Inside Out Morning Skin Bioactive Powder supplies the nutrients that the skin needs to stay nourished from within. The bio-activated skin health powder uses sustainable Nordic marine collagen peptides to improve skin hydration, firmness and elasticity, while also dialling back the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


In order to ensure the marine collagen is sourced in a manner that is kinder to the environment, TGM Beauty looks to wild Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) of the North Atlantic, also known as the ‘king of codfish. The Norwegian fishing industry is unique in its sustainable approach to fishing, while the crystal clear, cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean seal the purity and nutrient-richness of the ingredients.


With clinical results promising a stabilised skin structure with a brighter, more hydrated appearance, you’ll want to add the Glow Inside Out Morning Skin Bioactive Powder to your holistic skincare routine to pamper your skin from within.

 TGM Beauty - Glow Inside Out Morning Skin Bioactive Powder

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