What Are Nutricosmetics And Why You Need Them In Your Beauty Routine

Nutricosmetics is the new IT thing in the skincare market and trust us when we say that you will want to add it to your skincare dictionary and cabinet. Amongst the never-ending list of topical products and ingredients emerges an old–made–new trend. This has always captivated us at TGM and now it’s slowly taking over the world as well….one supplement at a time. So, what is the importance of nutricosmetics in your beauty routine and why are we referring to it as your skin’s rescuer? Scroll down to find out. (And trust us, after reading this, you’ll definitely be trying to get your hands on them.)

What Are Nutricosmetics?

Ladies, how many times have you heard the phrase ‘it’s the inside that counts?’ Well, when it comes to skincare this statement is apt. You may use all the best topical products out there or have a pile-up of all the finest possible creams, serums and makeup in your cabinet. But let’s face it; they have no effect beyond the superficial layers of the skin. Don’t get us wrong, they are essential too, but they aren’t exactly taking care of the root problem. So what are you supposed to do? ENTER: Nutricosmetics.

The concept of nutricosmetics is introducing these supplements into the body and then letting them work their magic. They take care of your skin (as well as hair and nails to some extent) from the inside out with no side effects. With so many positives, no wonder it’s becoming a cult favourite. But don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying that your topical products are a waste of time. They are most definitely important too but while they nourish the barrier and the deeper layers of the skin, nutricosmetics, on the other hand, work from the inside at the cellular level to promote beauty from within.

Still, confused? Look at it this way; you can’t delay skin ageing by just applying topical products. This skin issue starts with the deterioration of the cells from within. So, you need to concentrate on reducing this activity first and later pay attention to the dermis.

Nutricosmetics are mainly active ingredients which when consumed; the nutrients circulate throughout the body. They have long-term efficacy and come to the rescue whenever your skin and hair need them.

Types of Nutrients Found in Nutricosmetic Supplements

Various supplements cater to different skin needs. Some of the most common and beneficial nutrients are: 

  • 1. Omega-3 fatty acids treat inflammation and assist with wound healing. 

  • 2. Hyaluronic acid, for those struggling with hydration and premature ageing. 

  • 3. Collagen peptides provide the building block components for new collagen and elastin. 

  • 4. You’re already familiar with the benefits of vitamins like A, E, B5, C etc. while minerals like Zinc, Selenium all play their part in aiding cell repair and protection. 

So Why Are We Talking About It?

Well, aside from the fact that we’re all for skincare and self-care, we believe that they're both the epitome of #couplegoals. In fact, it’s the foundation of TGM. For those who are new here, TGM was conceived with one main concept --- the ultimate way to support and enhance beauty is by approaching the concern holistically and this also includes what we consume. So, while the world is just starting to give nutricosmetics its due attention, 3 years ago TGM was conceived on the very foundation that topical products and consumables go hand-in-hand. Ergo, once you concentrate on inner beauty, it will automatically reflect on your skin.

How To Adopt Nutricosmetics?

Since Nutricosmetics are all about what you consume, they are similar to food supplements but in the form of capsules, tablets or powders. *So, now you don’t have the excuse of ‘no time’.* You can now take care of your skin and give it what it lacks with no inconvenience whatsoever. To make things even easier for you, we’ve noted down our favourite brands that will work from the inside out to get rid of your beauty concerns.


TGM Beauty - Glow Inside Out Morning Skin Bioactive Powder


Cureveda Grow - Plant Biotin Advanced Hair Nutrition

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