Top 4 organic kajal kohl pencils in India

Kajal is an integral part of every Indian girl’s morning routine. Used as a way to cool the eyes and ward of evil spirits during ancient times, kajal has now become more of a cosmetic accessory. As a matter of fact, the first makeup product a girl tries out in her life is often a kajal.

Most drugstore and cosmetic brands sell kajal made from synthetic chemicals and dyes.

Since the product is applied so close to the eyes which are super-sensitive, there is higher risk of irritation caused by such chemicals and dyes. There are also several so-called herbal kajal brands in the market greenwashing the customers.

Here are 4 truly natural and organic kajal brands in India you should be opting for instead.

1. Soultree Ayurvedic Kajal

Available in an assortment  of 11 shades, Soultree’s kajals are made from ghee, camphor and almond oil using an ayurvedic recipe. The kajals are certified natural by BDIH Germany and made using organic ingredients and natural pigments.

2. Ruby’s Organics Smoked Kohl

A nourishing natural formula, Rubys organics Kohl pencil come in a convenient to use twist up packaging. There are also a sponge tip applicator at the back to create a smokey effect. There are two colour options available black and brown.

3. Earth Rhythm All Day Smudge Free Kohl Eyeliner

This newly launched kohl from Earth Rhythm arrives in a pencil form with zero plastic packaging and a complimentary sharpener. The kohl is moisturizing due to its oil based formula and promises to be smudge free and waterproof too.

4. Bon Organics Midnight Eyeliner & Kajal

The Bon Organics Midnight eyeliner & kajal is made using the traditional over-the-oil-lamp method. It is 100% natural product made which uses activated bamboo charcoal to add an intense black colour.

With these options, you won’t have to let harmful ingredients near your eyes ever again.

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