The Best Ways To Consume Collagen For Maximum Results

Let’s be honest, you’ve seen the ads for collagen supplements, you’ve even clicked on it, but then in a bout of doubt you’ve probably closed the window and moved on with your life. Right? Well, even if you haven’t, there isn’t a chance in hell that you haven’t come across this new skincare trend! Ingestible collagen has been all the rage and has literally been popping up everywhere. A simple Google search will show you the popular turn this trend has taken –– people have been adding collagen to their diets through powders, drinks, and foods. But why? Does it really work miracles for your skin, or is it just another fad bubble waiting to pop? Here’s everything you need to know about collagen.

What is collagen?

Your body produces a protein that’s main job is to hold your skin together –– this protein is known as collagen. When you apply collagen topically, it doesn’t quite do much other than trigger a placebo effect. A lot of your skincare products, especially anti-ageing heroes mostly “boost” collagen production. However, ingesting collagen seems to bring a whole new ray of hope altogether.

Research shows that when collagen is consumed and is absorbed into your body, it can increase your skin’s firmness and therefore prevents all those sagging signs of ageing –– from wrinkles, to fine lines, to even loose skin.

As you age, your natural collagen levels decrease –– coupled with exposure to free radical damage, pollution, and UV rays, you’ll find your skin losing collagen faster than a TikTok transition reel. That’s when ingestible collagen steps in. While evidence is still a little on the fence about this new trend, it’s safe to say that when it comes to your skin’s elasticity you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some popular ways to consume collagen and which ones give you the best results.


Truth be told, powder is probably the most popular way to consume your collagen. Following the same principles of protein powder for gym buffs (but way healthier), powdered collagen is the way forward for skincare enthusiasts. According to research, when collagen is in powder form it tends to pack more of a punch than even a supplementary pill.

Pros – Can be mixed into your diet

Hydrolyzed collagen is basically collagen molecules that are broken down. This makes it easier to digest. Unlike other protein powders, collagen powders can be mixed in any food, hot or cold, making it a great addition to your meals, smoothies, juices, or even hot beverages.

Cons – Can have a distinct taste

Okay, nothing in life comes easy –– even building collagen. Most powders have a distinct taste or flavour, which might repel the best of your taste buds. But hey! It’s a price you need to pay for gorgeous, glowing skin.


Up until a few years ago, popping pills or capsules was probably the only way to get your dose of collagen. Oral supplements are a popular way through which collagen can be consumed. The pills are filled with collagen powder, which makes it easy to pop anywhere, anytime.

Pros – Convenient and fuss-free

There’s no bad taste, it can literally be had anywhere –– the best part about popping a collagen pill or capsule is that you don’t even have to worry about any flavour (just as you wouldn’t any other tablet). A swig or two of water, and in goes the pill! Plus, nowadays a lot of brands have developed chewable collagen capsules, which makes comes in fruity flavours, so if you’re not a fan of swallowing pills, this might tickle your fancy a little bit more.

Cons – Too little, too small

One pill is too small to cover your recommended collagen consumption for the day. You will pretty much have to be popping 6-7 pills in order to meet the required serving. This could make it expensive to consume on a daily basis. Rather just go in for a powder then!


Collagen is found in bounty in bone broth –– the tasty base in most soups and stews. This is a natural source of collagen and can be consumed by itself in your diet.

Pros – More nutrients

Vitamin C, antioxidants, and collagen all work better when you consume it from its natural source. Collagen is often present in animal skin and bones, and since you can’t go around sucking the skin of your local chicken, bone broth is the only feasible way to consume it. The reason why it’s better than most supplements is that it’s less processed than the alternatives.

Cons – Not convenient for the amount

Unless you’re alright consuming a bowl or two of bone broth every single day, this method is a little boring for your taste buds. Plus it isn’t as concentrated as one would require for better skin health.


Shots. Shots. Shots. So this popular form of collagen supplement basically follows a similar pattern to the powder. The premade drink usually comes suspended in a plain or flavoured liquid. It’s like a little health mocktail for your skin and joints.

Pros – Convenient, quickly absorbed

Liquid collagen is made from collagen peptides that have already been broken down into smaller molecules that can be easily absorbed by your body. Plus, it can be had anywhere, fuss-free –– you won’t have to worry with the hassle of mixing it into anything.

Cons – Non-adaptable

Since it’s already a pre-made drink, it becomes difficult to mix it or consume it in your pre-existing diet. This makes the taste very boring and monotonous, especially if you want to drink it on a daily basis.

The Takeaway

While supplementary collagen is a great way to boost the natural protein, figuring out what to choose all depends on what exactly you want from it. Through reviews, we’ve found that powders seem to be the most effective when it comes to results as your body tends to absorb it far quicker and more easily. The key? Be patient, be consistent, and note down the results.

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