SM Takes Us Inside All The Prep That Went Behind Her Bridal Look

Shritama Mukherjee, the co-founder a.k.a the driving force behind The Green Maven and our nascent (and booming) beauty line, TGM Beauty tied the knot very recently to her life and business partner a.k.a our other co-founder Akash Sahni, making us all believe—yet again—that even the most magical dreams do come true.

One glance at our boss lady’s ethereal bridal look and you’ll be reminded of this philosophy: less is more. With a soft and dreamy veil of almost-natural makeup and the most traditional Bengal silhouette, she looked like a million bucks. Shritama gives us a tour of everything that’s gone before and on the day of her wedding; and honestly, it’s a treat for all the TGM readers and her admirers.

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Q. What were you feeling as a bride?

I was having the time of my life. The one picture I had of my wedding in my head since I was a little girl was everyone having fun, being the happiest and enjoying every bit of the celebration, no stress. And, that’s exactly how it was. I knew it was my day and I will be enjoying every bit of it and so will be the people who are a part of my big day. I was happy, really happy to enter the next phase of my life.

Q. Being a modern day bride, what were the challenges that you faced?

It wasn’t easy. Both me and my partner were juggling between work and the wedding prep-ups. I was literally vacating the flat I was living in before I got married, merely two days before the mehendi. We had also just launched our beauty brand TGM Beauty. Plus, my family doesn’t live in Mumbai, and Akash’s parents are aged, so we both took charge of organising the wedding ourselves with the help of our friends and my brother (who decided to fly down a few days before the wedding, thank God he did!).

Q. Did you make any changes in your diet and fitness routines ahead of the wedding?

I honestly didn’t have a lot of time in hand but yes, I was eating less of oily and fried stuff and more of protein and greens. I was taking our Glow Inside Out Powder regularly every morning. I literally consumed it just before makeup on my wedding day.. I was THAT regular with the powder.

My skin felt so energised, hydrated and glowy. It just made me more confident and comfortable about the fact that I could not do a lot of things to my skin to prep for the wedding as one would expect, but I was feeding it good stuff internally that would have done more than half the job vis-a-vis doing a lot of things on the surface.

I would practise my morning yoga flow and listen to Yoga Nidra at night for a peaceful sleep; my cousin suggested this and it really works wonders. In terms of skincare, I had kept it very minimal like always. I indulged in homemade face masks like oatmeal and curd, ubtans and orange peel powder masks to naturally cleanse and exfoliate my face. I only applied 2 products - our Glowy Skin Phytomolecular Serumizer during the day and our upcoming face oil (stay tuned!) that I have been testing and using for almost a year now. I could only trust the products that we’ve created and I’m so glad that they didn’t disappoint me.

Q. Take us through your bridal skin prep. What did you do a month ahead of your wedding?

Like I said it was full of minimal routines and mindful changes that helped me sail through the wedding jitters and prep for it without going crazy

Q. And, what about the wedding day? What was wedding day skin prep like?

Nothing elaborate. It’s been more or less the same things I had done to prep my skin before the wedding. Mostly TGM Beauty products and some DIY scrubs and masks.

Q. Describe your bridal look in 3 words.

Fusion, minimal and comfortable.

Q. What’s that one lipstick you swore by as a bride?

Whatever my MUA chose for me to complete my look.

What did your post-wedding skincare routine look like? How did you reset?

I was consistent with my Glow Inside Out powder to heal my skin from within because it had gone through a lot in the past couple of days with all the wedding prep ups, makeup and stress. I would listen to Yoga Nidra for better sleep. I just wanted to relax mentally.

Q. What’s the one tip you’d like to give every to-be bride out there?

Stop stressing about your look, about the arrangements, about the rituals, about people... just have fun. It's your day, make the most of it. Because you will remember this day for the rest of your life, so make it worth the memory.

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