Slather ‘Em On: Brightening Butt Masks To Uplift Your Booty


Over the last couple of years, the world of self care has thrown light on incredible trends –– some amazing, a couple innovative, and others downright bizarre. The newest one? It’s a combination of all three! It’s all about the booty with ‘butt-care’. You’ve got a mask for your face, eyes, lips, hands, feet, and hair, so why should you leave your behind…behind? Butt masks are everything currently –– they nourish, moisturise, exfoliate, deep cleanse, leaving you with a baby smooth bottom you could flaunt for days (hello bikini season)! We’ve got five brightening butt masks you can slather on and call it a day!


The skin on your butt is as significant as the rest of your body, including your face and can be prone to irritation, breakouts, and dryness. Think about it –– it’s wrapped in cloth all day (and night) long, it barely gets to breathe, the warm and moist environment makes it a breeding ground for bacteria, and the elastic from your underwear can cause irritation and dryness. All of these symptoms result in a dull booty that constantly looks under the weather.

 Just like a face mask unclogs pores, removes dead skin, and gives your skin a detox from deep within, similarly, a butt mask fights butt-acne causing bacteria, exfoliates dead skin cells, hydrates and moisturises your skin, and takes off that layer off dullness, leaving it perky and bright!





2.      ECZEMA

3.      CELLULITE*

4.      BUTT‘NE’




These literally come in the shape of your booty –– yes, there are sheet masks that are made for your butt. All you have to do is properly cleanse the area, pat dry, and apply each ‘buttock’ sheet, respectively. Adjust the sheet, as you would on your face. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes and massage the serum into your skin. Toss the sheet away –– you can use the excess serum on your thighs and legs.

TGM Loves

Bawdy Beauty Squeeze It - Citrus Butt Mask

Why: It brightens and rejuvenates dull and sensitive skin on your bum. The citrusy formula also aids in lightening and reducing dark spots or blemishes that tend to make your skin lacklustre. It instantly leaves your butt plump, hydrated, and totally glowing! With this one, the sun does shine from your behind.

Aceology Smooth Operator Butt Mask

Why: The blend of botanical extracts helps calm irritated skin and smooth it away. Formulated with licorice extract, rosemary, centella, and Chinese medicinal Huang Qin, it brightens spots, smooths fine lines, reduces inflammation, nourishes dry skin and eczema.



These have the same consistency as a creamy or pasty face mask. Cleanse the area and apply a thin layer on both cheeks. Let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes –– it’s best that you lie face down till it dries to avoid a mess. Wipe away with a warm, damp towel and then rinse off under running water. Apply a moisturising lotion once you pat yourself dry.

TGM Loves

Megababe Le Tush Clarifying Butt Mask

Why: If your butt looks down and under because of butt‘ne’ or any other blemishes, the formula of this mask will instantly zip, zap, zoom those zits. Formulated with glycolic and azelaic acids, and eco-friendly beads, this mask clarifies and exfoliates, leaving the skin on your hiney bright as it can be.



When in doubt, DIY it out! Here’s a homemade butt mask to moisturise and brighten your bum.

Avocado + Cucumber Mask


1 cucumber

½ teaspoon avocado oil


Step 1 - Peel and dice a cucumber into small cubes. Mash it into a pulp.

Step 2 - Add the avocado oil and mix away.

Step 3 - Using a flat brush, apply the mixture on your cleansed and dried butt.

Step 4 - Let it ‘sit’ for 30 minutes before washing it off.


*Psst: Cellulite is totally normal, so don’t worry too much about it. While these bum masks help stimulate your blood circulation resulting in glowing and healthy skin there, it doesn’t get rid of cellulite permanently. It’s time to embrace, don’t hate!

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