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"I wish you would’ve stopped wearing makeup to conceal your vitiligo and truly seen the beauty within you." - Prarthana Jagan

Q1. Tell us a bit about your skin type and skincare philosophy? 

A. My skin type is dry/normal and currently acne prone, it has been a weird journey trying out products to help curb the acne. 

Q2. How and when did you start your skincare journey? 

A. I started taking skincare seriously when I was about 19 years old. I would wear sunscreen as my skin gets sunburnt very easily due to vitiligo.

Q3. What were the key concerns that you were trying to address with your skincare routine? 

A. When I was younger it was just about keeping my skin as matte as possible, I would skip moisturizer & apply sunscreen. Right now, it’s about hydration & preventing acne.

Q4. Did you face any challenges during your journey? 

A. Of course! I was totally overusing retinol & my skin was so irritated just a short while ago, it's a lot of trial and error when it comes to skincare.

Q5. Did you believe in any misconceptions or skincare myths? 

A. Ahh, that’s kind of a tough question to answer. To a lot of people who wouldn't agree with me on this, tea tree oil has worked out wonderfully well for my bacne in the past. But I guess each to their own, right?

Q6. Apart from skincare products, were there any changes in your lifestyle or food habits that helped you? 

A. Cutting down on milk has really helped me, I only drink milk with chai now.
Started adding more hydration into the works. I drink one tender coconut everyday. It reduces the heat in my body and the huge painful acne spots have reduced. In addition, I’ve also started to go to the gym regularly.

Q7. Looking back, did you make any mistakes that you wish you had avoided?

A. I definitely made a lot of mistakes, I once used toothpaste as a kid and I got burns, my skin was a rotten tomato at that point.
I would also use coffee scrubs on my face, lemon juice etc, I can still feel my face being on fire.

Q8. How has your relationship with your skin changed over the years?

A. It has definitely had its share of highs and lows. I was very confident a year ago when i didn't have acne, I accepted my vitiligo as well but now having acne in to the mix has been a tough journey.

Q9. What were the 2 big takeaways from your skin journey? 

A. BHA is your skin's BFF if you've got acne-prone, dry skin & sunscreen is a habitual practice. 

Q10. What's the best skincare advice you have ever come across? 

A. To use BHAs in the morning after using retinol in the night. It is the only thing working for my skin at the moment. and ofc, sunscreen everyday.

Q11. Share with us your current skincare routine. 

A. It varies everyday but here are my fav products:

Face wash:

Pulp off duty cleanser, Benzo peroxide face wash


Glow tonic by Eclat, Niacinamide calming toner by Dr. Sheth's


Physiogel calming relief, Suhi & Sego morning cream


UV duox, Dr. Sheth's ceramide sunscreen


Neem & BHA spot corrector, Medifacial, Lactic acid peel by Dr. Sheth's, Pore control serum by deconstruct, Vitamin A serum by Over Dermis

Q12. What’s your favourite DIY? 

A. I don’t experiment with my skin anymore! Thank god.

Q13. If you had to share one skincare advice with your younger self, what would it be?

A. I would say please remove your makeup before bed & wear sunscreen regularly.
I wish you would’ve stopped wearing makeup to conceal your vitiligo and truly seen the beauty within you.

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