How to repair and reduce visible neck lines

Neck lines are proof that your neck deserves as much attention as the skin on your face. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and noticed those strange horizontal lines on your neck? If the answer is “too many to count” well, you’re not alone. It’s understandably frustrating to deal with these neck lines, especially on days when you’re wearing the sexiest strappy LBD. But before you start to get insecure about your skin, you need to understand that almost everyone is dealing or probably will deal with this skin issue. The solution here is not to hate how your skin looks, but to understand what causes it and the various things you can do to reduce the appearance of these neck lines.

So, what are neck lines and how are they formed? Well, if your first guess was lack of moisturiser, you’re not wrong. But there are other factors involved too. Even those who take care of their neck might still notice the formation of neck lines. Genetics, UV rays and even lifestyle habits all play a role in the development of these lines on your neck. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions that can help turn back the clock and reduce the visibility of these lines. If you want to know more about this skin issue and how to deal with it, keep on scrolling.

What Causes Neck lines?

  • Lack of Sunscreen

Most people tend to apply sunscreen only on their face, legs and hands while leaving many other parts of the body completely exposed. The neck happens to fall under the ‘exposed’ category. As a result, the sun’s harmful UV rays damage the skin cells, leading to premature ageing and neck lines.

  • Genetics

Even when it comes to skin and ageing, your genetics play a vital role in determining when you start to develop visible lines. While there is no stopping the clock, you can, however, slow down the signs of ageing by taking the necessary precautions. This may include moisturising daily, eliminating smoking, and always wearing sunscreen.

  • Posture

We live in a world powered by technology, with most of us constantly on our phones. Even while you’re reading this article RN on your phone or tablet, chances are that you’re looking down with your chin just a couple of inch away from your chest. ‘Coz of this, horizontal lines no longer come with age. Kids and teens also have visible neck lines.

Keeping the neck bend at a certain angle for long periods causes the neck to crease and this increases the risk of lines.

Neck Line Treatments

Vitamin C

If you’re a skin maven, then you’re already well aware of the benefits of Vitamin C. It’s the go-to vitamin when it comes to reversing the damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. And since it is rich in antioxidant properties, it also helps fight free radicals and improve collagen production.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A has been credited for its anti-ageing benefits and is helpful in tackling fine lines on the neck. This ingredient works by neutralizing the free radicals in the skin that may be causing collagen damage. Aside from reducing neck lines, vitamin A can also help enhance skin texture, increase hydration levels, and reduce age spots and pigmentation.


Hyaluronic acid

Keeping the skin moisturised and plump can work wonders in eliminating or reducing neck lines. Products with hyaluronic acid target wrinkles and sagging by retaining moisture. This keeps the skin soft, firm and supple.


Tips To Reduce Visible Neck Lines Naturally

Stop Smoking

It may be difficult to quit, but it is beneficial for your skin and health. If you didn’t know already, smoking is one of the most prominent causes of premature skin ageing as it damages collagen and elastin in the body. But that’s not all! The nicotine also constricts blood vessels which inhibits the flow of blood and oxygen to the skin cells. This results in skin ageing and neck lines.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your neck as well. If you are out in the sun for long hours be sure to reapply after every 2-3 hours.

Change Your Posture

Changing the way you hold your phone plays a big role when it comes to reducing the creases in your neck. The simple solution to this problem is practising neck exercises daily along with changing your position while on the phone or laptop. Try positioning it in front of your face, rather than looking downward all the time. This not only decreases neck lines but also reduces muscle tension in the neck and shoulder.

DIY Almond And Milk Cream

Almonds are a rich source of fatty acids, antioxidants and possess copious amounts of vitamin E. This helps moisturise the skin, leaving it soft, supple and hydrated.


7 almonds

½ cup milk


Soak the almonds in milk overnight and grind it into a paste.

Smear this paste on your neck and let it stay for 10 minutes.

Rinse off with cold water.

It’s never too early or too late to start a proper skin care routine. If your main issue is neck lines, these solutions can help. If your neck lines are too advanced, you can always consult a professional.

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