How to detox your skin, hair and body this monsoon

Say farewell to harmful toxins with this easy-to-follow monsoon detox guide.

After the blistering heat of summer, the soothing onset of monsoon signals a metaphorical change as well as a physical one. As the scorching evenings are replaced with balmy days, the sudden spike in humidity can manifest in acne breakouts, increased frizz and scalp build-up, among other concerns. The solution? Opting for a soothing detox that can help your body reset and start with a clean slate again. If you’re looking to get started, here’s an easy guide to help you get the skin and hair of your dreams.

Monsoon Detox Guide

For Skin

The road to healing your skin starts with understanding how it is affected during the monsoon. With the sudden rise in humidity, your skin becomes more susceptible to clogged pores, leading to untimely acne breakouts. With immunity levels running low during the season, your skin also becomes more prone to infections by the dirt and omnipresent humidity during the period. So, how do you keep skincare woes at bay? Here’s how to plan the perfect detox to restore your skin’s health and radiance:


With our skin left more susceptible to dirt and pollution during the rainy months, cleansing assumes fresh importance in the everyday routine for counteracting bacterial growth and keeping skin concerns in check. A good cleansing routine involves washing the face at least twice a day to get rid of any impurities that it may have come in contact with through rainwater.


The higher levels of humidity can also be conducive to build-up and blockage in the pores, leading to unexplained acne breakouts. This is where exfoliation steps in as a handy tool to vacuum all the gunk from your pores and leave them squeaky clean. It is ideal to opt for a mild exfoliator for oily or sensitive skin to get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores. While facial scrubs and exfoliators are easily available over the counter, you can even choose to DIY your own recipe using common ingredients from your pantry, such as finely ground coffee and yoghurt.


The increased humidity, however, does not give your skin a free pass from moisturisation. To ensure that your skin maintains its required level of hydration, opt for a lightweight moisturiser that won’t clog your pores. For those looking for at-home remedies, glycerin and rose water can also help revitalise the skin.

For Hair

Monsoon can be a tricky time for your scalp, with the increased humidity translating into unmanageable frizz and flyaways. Beyond that, getting exposed to rainwater can also contribute to build-up of dirt and oil on the scalp that can rob your hair of its strength and vitality.  While a vigilant shampoo and conditioner routine can help keep the scalp clean, a detox treatment can help you get to the root of the problem — pun unintended — and clean the surface of the scalp of dead cells, dirt and other debris. If you have some time on your hands this weekend, here’s how you can treat your hair to some TLC:

DIY detox mask

The frequent use of hair styling products can often create a cocktail of products that can further take its toll on your scalp health, which is why it helps to go au naturel in your quest for healthier hair. The good news is that you don’t need to schedule a lengthy appointment in the salon chair — a DIY detox mask can work just as well for slicing through scalp build-up. Make your own by rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar twice a week, diluted with a cup of water, for cleansing your scalp without stripping away its essential oils.

Clarifying shampoo

If you are getting rid of all toxins from your scalp, a clarifying shampoo can work wonders for cleaning the slate. Think of it as a specialised cleansing treatment that leaves your scalp squeaky clean.

When shopping for one, it pays to look for one suited for your specific hair type — whether that’s dry, oily or curly. Since these formulas leave the scalp cleansed, it is essential to avoid overdoing them so as to avoid stripping away any essential oils — as a rule of thumb, most experts advise using them once a month on an average.

For Body

Your skin doesn’t end at your face, and your detox routine shouldn’t end there too. We are all guilty of paying extra attention to our facial skin in our skincare routines while forgetting that the rest of the body needs the same care as well. Here’s how you can opt for an effective body detox during the rainy months on the calendar:


The same principles of exfoliation are at play here — when done regularly, it can slough away dead skin cells from the body, increase blood circulation and leave your skin super smooth to the touch. When choosing a body scrub, bear in mind that less is more so avoid using extremely harsh formulas that can irritate sensitive skin. The common ingredients to look for are sea salt, sugar and coffee for removing dead skin cells and other impurities from the body.

You are what you eat

When opting for a body detox, it also helps to look inwards and reconsider what’s on your plate. To make it through the monsoon without any health concerns, it is advisable to adopt a dietary intervention: avoid salty foods as they can contribute to bloating as well as high amounts of caffeine as it can lead to dehydration. As always, it is essential to consume a lot of liquids to flush out toxins from the body.

By following these easy measures, you can ensure that you make it through monsoon with the best skin and hair of your life.

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