Eye care tips for restful eyes

Do you stay up late in the night to finish important presentations? Or perhaps enjoy catching up with the latest season of your favourite TV show and end up doing a Netflix marathon. But when you wake up the next day, your eyes are a dead giveaway of how sleep-deprived you are. In such situations, how can you look well-rested even when you aren’t?

You can feel symptoms of tiredness in your entire body. But your eyes are the one most affected by your busy lifestyle and irregular sleep cycles. Dark circles, puffy eyes, dryness and sunken eyes are all signs of inadequate sleep. They make you look tired and instantly regret not sleeping enough. Hence, you need to take special care of your eyes to look well-rested at all times.

Take Power Naps

Even if you stayed up all night, you can still manage to take quick power naps to get as much shut-eye as you can.

Grab a bottle of Love Organically Sleep Well Pillow spray. Spray it on your pillowcase and around your bed to create a calming environment. You can even carry it in your bag to use on-the-go for quick naps. Lavender has therapeutic properties that help you feel peaceful and relaxed instantly, making you fall asleep faster.

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Apply A Cold Compress

If your eyes look tired and uncomfortable after a sleepless night, you can apply a cold compress to get some temporary relief.

To do this, soak two cotton pads in chilled rose water and leave it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. The coldness will restrict blood vessels and reduce eye bags to make you look well-rested and feel rejuvenated.

You can even use frozen cucumber slices instead of rose water pads as a cold compress.

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Beat Puffy Eyes With Facial Rollers

A light massage with a facial roller can help reduce puffiness by draining away excess fluids from your eye area. Facial rollers improve lymphatic drainage and boost circulation to the skin which helps your eyes look well-rested.

The Dromen & Co. Rose Quartz Facial Roller has a smaller sized stone on one end of the roller that fits your eye contour perfectly. Freeze the roller for 5 minutes before use for some additional tightening effect.

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Green Tea to the Rescue

Green Tea contains caffeine which helps deflate under-eye bags and banish dark circles by constricting blood vessels in the area.

To make it work, steep 2 green tea bags in a cup filled with hot water. Once it cools down, place the bags on your eyes for 15-20 minutes to tighten the under-eye area.

If you drink green tea on a regular basis, just store the used tea bags in the refrigerator to use them when your eyes look tired.

Apply a Depuffing Cream

Applying an eye cream will help moisturize your under-eye area and make it appear brighter and plumper. You can also use it as a lubricant while massaging your eyes with a facial roller.

The Fiducia Botanicals Depuffing eye cream is a nourishing under-eye treatment that helps reduce eye bags and puffiness. The antioxidants from moringa, turmeric and Co-enzyme-Q10 help lighten dark circles and improve the skin texture too.

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Try a DIY Eye Mask

This rejuvenating eye mask is all you need to make sure your eyes look hydrated and well-rested with minimum puffiness.

To prepare it. Take 1 tbsp grated cucumber, 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp rose hydrosol.

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and apply on your eyes for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.

Cucumber and rose water hydrate and soothe the skin around your eyes making it appear brighter while honey softens the skin. You can repeat this 2-3 times in a week to make sure your eyes always look well-rested.

Fake It With Makeup

If you are running late for a meeting and have no time left to try any eye care tips mentioned above, it’s time to dig out the makeup kit.

Just dab a bit of highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes to look wide-awake. The Dromen & Co. bronze highlighter paper is perfect for this since it suits Indian skin tones perfectly. Also, it is super-easy to use.

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