Here's what we do for smooth, shiny (and sexy) back

What’s the most difficult thing about beautifying your back? We’ll go with cleansing. Going for the back while cleansing your body in the shower is quite a task and how much ever you try, you are sure to miss out a few hard to reach spots. These spots can manifest into patchy, pigmented skin.

Back acne is another problem that can arise from a poorly treated back. Dead cells and impurities can clog pores, and cause acne on the back. Dead cells build-up on your back needs physical exfoliation, daily cleansing and ample moisturizing. So, if you want flawless, smooth and sexy back, you need to diligently follow a few steps in your bath and body routine that can really make a difference.

  1. Exfoliate using a physical tool

Using a loofah or scrubber gloves while bathing can help exfoliate and remove impurities from the hard to reach spots. This will ensure proper (and even) cleansing of the entire back. This step can also help unclog pores and prevent back acne.

2. Pick a gentle body wash

SLS-based formulations can be really harsh on the skin. They can strip off the body’s natural oils and turn the skin dry. Dry skin always looks darker than hydrated skin. It is always a safe bet to go for nourishing, mildly foamy formulations that keep the skin’s natural oils intact. Go for a soothing body wash that has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe acne, redness and irritation.


3. Moisturize with a concentrated formula

The more active ingredients a product contains, the better it works, especially for targeted treatments like pigmented body or body acne. Go for nourishing plant-based formulations which are stuffed with antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


4. Use a Clay Mask

Clay masks are instant detoxifiers for your skin. They pull out dirt like a dream and leave your skin looking brighter. You can use bentonite clay if dealing with body acne or moroccan rhassoul clay for a luxurious spa-feeling.



5. Detox with a Dry Brush

Dry brushing is an essential and energizing skin-detox step. This natural-bristle brush exfoliates gently and sweeps away dead skin to reveal glowing and smooth skin. Begin brushing by starting from your feet and keep moving in long sweeping motions towards your heart. Dry brush the entire body for 10 to 20 minutes and get rid of the toxins. Use it right before you turn on the water.

6. Get a back massage

Massaging your back with a calming oil that is extremely nourishing for your skin as well as for the muscles. Oil massage helps release tension from the back, tones the muscles and smoothens out the skin. Not the forget the post-massage glow that’s worth flaunting.


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