Bra Straps Giving You A Rash? Here’s What You Need To Do


Greenies, in the past two years all the ladies had one thing in common --- it was the fact that we let our own ladies (a.k.a boobs) free from the cage, otherwise known as a bra! Since we were stuck at home, most of us kissed our bras goodbye and let it all hang loose. But aside from the freedom and comfort, for some, it was also not having to deal with the constant rash on their shoulder caused by the bra straps.

Now, as we start going back to our pre-pandemic days, those boob-shackles are back out from the drawer. While there are plenty of reasons why your bra straps are causing you to rash out, other times, you may do everything right and still have to deal with this common skin woe. Keep on reading to find out why it happens and what you can do to treat it.

Why Do Your Bra Straps Cause A Rash?

1. Yes, Size MATTERS!

This is one of the biggest mistakes many women make when it comes to their lingerie. Picking a bra that is too small for you can have grave consequences on your skin. It can cause issues like folliculitis, dermatitis, heat rash, and even hives (Yikes). But the horror doesn’t end there! Studies have shown that it can even cause other major issues like back pain or distorted body posture.

2. Tight Does Not Mean Good

Many of us are guilty of tightening our bra straps under the pretext that a tight strap will lift the breasts and give a proper fit. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. 

First, it’s the job of the bra band and not the bra straps to do the heavy lifting and take care of support. Straps are just there for the additional support. 

 3. Style Matters

Just like picking the right outfit to highlight your figure, it’s also important to pick the right bra style. Why? ‘Coz breast shapes differ from person to person. It is vital to understand your body and breast type and pick a bra style that complements it. 

For example, if you’re heavy-breasted, the weight isn't distributed equally if you pick a bra with thin straps and a small band. This could lead to bra strap rash. 

What to do?

Getting yourself measured every 6 months or yearly will solve your bra strap woes.


4. Sports Bras 

Women with larger breasts, wearing sports bras with thinner bra straps might suffer from constant rash. This is because the straps tend to dig into the shoulder blades. Since the weight of the breasts is exerted through the bra straps on to your shoulders, it can lead to soft tissue damage. This results in marks or rashes.

What to do?

Research has shown that picking bra straps that are vertical and wide during sport and exercise minimise pressure and discomfort. 

Home Remedies To Treat Bra Strap Rash

  • 1. DIY Milk Pack

Milk is rich in vitamins A and D as well as lactic acid which are popular in treating various skin ailments. It is a great exfoliator as well moisturiser. Meanwhile, you can soothe irritated skin with Almond oil as it is filled with vitamin E.


  • 1. Mix a tbsp each of milk and almond oil in a bowl.

  • 2. Apply it to the affected area and massage well. Cover the area with a towel and wash after 10 minutes.

  • 2. Oil Massage

Massaging the area with natural oils like coconut or olive can reduce marks. It can even keep the skin moisturised and improve the texture of your skin.

  • 3. Aloe Vera

If you’re a skin buff then you’re well aware that this almighty gooey plant can heal almost all skin issues. The gel itself contains 99% water and is rich in glucomannans, amino acids, lipids, antiseptic agents and vitamins. Applying this gel daily can reduce irritation and skin inflammation.

  • 4. Use bra strap cushions

If you are still prone to bra strap rashes even after doing all of the above, try investing in bra strap cushions. These pads prevent the straps from digging into your skin and even reduce the chances of skin irritation.

Get freedom from bra strap marks and rashes by following these easy and simple tips. 

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