Bikini hair removal guide

The perfect hair removal guide to keep the bikini zone free of irritation and ingrowns.

Hair removal is definitely a personal choice, and it can feel like a really personal choice when it comes to the bikini area. Whether you prefer to go au natural or leave a little bush, it’s typical to want the results to be rash and irritation-free for as long as possible. With so many options, it can get a little challenging to find out what works for you and weigh out the pros and cons. Some of these techniques are best left to professionals, while some are easier to undertake at home.

If your mind is set on a smooth bikini line, the work actually begins before you even pick up an extraction tool. Here’s what to keep in mind before you start plucking;

  • Clean and sanitise the equipment that you choose for uprooting the hair. If you’ve been using these tools on other parts of the body, they need to be adequately cleaned before the subsequent use. It is recommended to dip and soak your tools in disinfectant before using it on your body.

  • Don’t forget to exfoliate before you start grooming — this is key to tackle ingrown hair. If you’re already dealing with ingrown hair, exfoliate the area with a gentle scrub, and use a lotion with AHAs after your hair removal. If you’re prone to developing them post a waxing session, apply the lotion for a few days post your appointment as well.

Removing the hair properly definitely reduces the chances of skin irritation, and here’s our quick guide on how to shave, wax and trim your hair down south.

1.    Shaving

Shaving is one of the quickest ways of removing hair. While this technique does increase your chances of ingrown hair, knowing how to shave properly can prevent irritation, razor burn and bumps. Start by trimming excess hair and exfoliate to remove any ingrown-causing dead skin. Apply a generous layer of shaving foam (or even hair conditioner) and shave in the direction of the hair growth using a clean, sharp razor. Wrap it up with moisturiser!

You might have to do this process more regularly, depending on the growth, but it’s ease and convenience definitely makes this a good choice.

TGM’s Tip: Soak your skin in warm water for a while before you start, which will help hydrate your skin — making it easier to cut.

2.   Waxing

This might leave your bikini area smoother for longer, since you’re pulling out the hair from the root instead of shaving it off the skin’s surface. We advice waxing at home with some caution, which has several variables that can become disastrous at home — including wax temperature, pulling out the strips, and potential skin irritations.

TGM’s Tip: Exfoliation post appointment is best avoided! We like pampering our skin with some good old aloe vera gel post a traumatic wax session.

3.   Trimming

There’s no time like the present to embrace a bush, and for many women today, the inherent social implications of body hair are enough to leave them wanting to grow it out. Invest in trimmer scissors or even an electric razor for the area, where you can decide just how long/short you want it. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

TGM’s Tip: Sterilise your equipment beforehand with alcohol wipes!

We’ve all probably been obsessed with having a hair-free body before we had a reason to, and have likely considered various approaches to bikini-area hair removal. We hope this mini guide helps you figure out an approach that works out for you!

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