A TGM-approved booty skincare routine for the softest, glowiest butt ever

Your booty could use some lovin’ too!

The year is 2021, and there is a routine for everything: from your brows to your lashes. However, while facial skin gets all the limelight with skincare, it is true that the skin on the rest of your body needs the same attention and TLC as well. Case in point: butts. Nobody might want to talk about them much, but the skin around your booty is likely more prone to bumps, stretch marks and pigmentation. If you are looking to rewind the clock on skincare concerns back there, here’s the TGM-approved routine you’ll want to try.

But wait, why do butt skincare concerns even occur? Experts believe that butt acne is caused due to clogged pores that can often delve deeper than the ones that occur on the face. This problem is further exacerbated by tight clothing and the accumulation of sweat during physical activities and exercising. Sounds like something you’d rather avoid? Read on for an easy-to-follow skincare routine for your derriere.

Beauty for the booty: Try this skincare routine for bumps, pigmentation and marks

Awkward body acne can be hard to talk about, even with your closest friends, which is why we are here to help. The good news is that you don’t need to overhaul your entire routine. The same principles of facial skincare apply to your derriere as well. Shall we get started?

Back to basics: Lather up with body wash

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but there’s a good chance that even though you’re washing your butt, you might not be doing it right. During your next shower, lather up some body wash on your hands and adequately wash your butt, spending time and attention on any folds or ridges where moisture and dead skin cells can collect.

Scrub up: Exfoliate weekly

If this part sounds familiar to your facial routine, that is because it is. Similar to how a weekly exfoliation routine can help keep dead skin cells and clogged pores at bay, doing the same for your booty can result in lesser acne and pesky skincare concerns. So reach for a loofah and start scrubbing the area with gentle, circular motions to get rid of any build-up and boost blood circulation.

Mask mania: Treat yourself to a butt pack

The next time you are shopping for a sheet mask for a night of Netflix and chill, add a few butt masks to your shopping cart as well. Just like the face, the butt needs a dedicated mask too to soften the texture of the skin and reveal your natural glow. If you have an oily butt, you can even choose to whip up your own mask with fuller’s earth and rose water to absorb the excess oil generated by the skin.

Moisture mama: Say hello to hydration nation

By now you’ve gotten the flow… so yes, your booty needs adequate moisture as well to keep the skin hydrated and soft. Once you have applied a mask to take away the grime, it is time to seal in the softness with a bum cream (no, your regular body lotion won’t do!) Look for ingredients that boost moisture in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, avocado and papaya.

While masking and scrubs are best reserved as a weekly appointment, cleansing and moisturisation need to be everyday must-haves in your body care routine. Remember that when it comes to booty skincare, out of sight is not out of mind. Since the skin back there is always exposed to friction against our clothes, it is more likely to develop acne-like bumps, creating a texture that is rough to the touch. By a few handy steps every single day, you’ll be able to keep dead skin cell build-up at bay and say hello to the softest, smoothest booty in town.

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