7 at-home haircare tips you’ll want to try today

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In an ideal world, our hair would remain lustrous, shiny and frizz-free all year round. However, environmental aggressors, pollutants and weather changes can often conspire to rob your hair of its natural lustre and shine. If you haven’t been able to keep up with your salon appointments during the pandemic of the past year, the good news is that you can now bring the salon home to you! Read on for the best at-home haircare rituals that we can’t stop raving about:

1. The wonders of aloe vera? Not just for the skin!

Loaded with vitamins A, C and E, the magic of aloe vera probably won’t come as news to you. However, while it has been popular in skincare routines, SM loves to rub the gel from within an aloe vera leaf directly on her scalp.

“I believe in holistic, healthy beauty – whether it’s my skin or my hair. Aloe vera gel is my go-to product whenever my hair needs some extra nourishment. From mild to moderate hair loss to dandruff (a symptom related to inflammation that adversely affects the follicles), several prominent research studies document the use of aloe vera extracts to enable significant improvements in the health of the hair and the scalp. In fact, oral consumption of aloe vera juice when taken twice daily for 15 days can contribute to noticeable hair growth in the areas affected by alopecia (source).

I have an aloe plant at home, so I can drink and apply freshly squeezed, organic aloe vera juice whenever I want,” says Shritama.

2. Travel back in time with an oil massage

Growing up in an Indian household means that you probably aren’t a stranger to the virtues of a nourishing oil massage on the weekends. While your mum might not be around anymore to ensure that you don’t skip your weekly massage, you’ll want to carry on the tradition by massaging warm oil, such as coconut or castor, directly on your scalp to boost blood circulation, improve hair health and texture.

3. Rinse it out with rice water

Don’t throw away the starchy water from your rice just yet! Experts have cause to believe that the leftover water from soaked or cooked rice can prove to be a treasure box for haircare. Think detangled tresses that are less prone to breakage and falling. For a rice water rinse, replace your usual conditioner with the leftover water from soaked rice. After shampooing, massage it into your scalp and leave it in for 20 minutes before rinsing it out for unbelievably soft hair.

4. …or make friends with apple cider vinegar

If you haven’t managed to get onboard the rice water train, you could also look at apple cider vinegar as a sufficient stand-in for your conditioner. For those suffering from dandruff, mixing apple cider vinegar with water for a post-shampoo rinse will serve as an efficient scalp detox and slice through dead skin cell build-up, allowing hair to grow healthier and stronger.

5. Say hello to eggs-traordinary healthy hair

Unlike this sad attempt at a pun, the benefits of egg yolks for your hair will never cease to amaze. If you’ve been looking to grow out your hair before an important event on the social calendar, it is time to allow egg yolks to work their magic. Not a fan of the smell? Adding a few drops of lemon juice to three whole eggs will help mask the scent and stimulate new hair growth.

6. Hairfall, be gone: Amla’s hair and scalp benefits

Amla’s haircare benefits are common knowledge, but here’s a quick refresher: the vitamin C and tannins present in amla help hair grow softer, healthier and longer than ever before. If you’re looking to invite its benefits into your routine, skip the chemical-laden products and instead apply the juice of crushed amla directly to your scalp. Leave it on for an hour before rinsing it out with warm water.

7. Raid the pantry: Green tea is the haircare hero you didn’t know you needed

The next time you sip on green tea, consider inviting it into your haircare routine as well. Studies have found that green tea can be a helpful catalyst for hair growth and regrowth by stimulating hair follicles. To get started, brew a few bags of green tea in half a litre of water for 10 minutes and once it has cooled down, use the liquid as a post-shampoo rinse. After leaving it in for another 10 minutes, wash away the remnants with cold water.

While there is no denying the many advancements in modern-day haircare products, it helps to give your hair a breather from all the chemicals every once in a while. Instead, look to nature’s bounty to help your tresses grow stronger from within!

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