7 alternatives to make your shower sustainable


Our shower routine has a larger carbon footprint than we realise. Every year, billions of plastic bottles and toothbrushes are thrown out after use and end up in landfills. Just think about the number of shampoo and conditioner bottles, face wash tubes, loofahs, or toothbrushes you have tossed out over the years. All of it ends up in a landfill as less than 10% of plastic produced so far has been recycled.

So when it comes to choosing our bath and personal care essentials, we need to be a little more mindful of our choices. The easiest way to reduce the amount of waste created in your shower is by opting for sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials.

From solid shampoo bars to bamboo toothbrushes and even refills, beauty brands are now coming up with products that are not just made with safer, environment-friendly ingredients but also packed in zero-waste packaging. 

Ready to make your shower routine a little greener? Here are 7 sustainable swaps you reduce your plastic and carbon footprint.

1. Bare Necessities Stir It Up Hand Wash

Hand wash liquid is essential in every bathroom but zero waste brand Bare Necessities has taken a huge step in lowering our carbon footprint by introducing it in a water-less format. Refill your existing hand wash dispenser with this tiny, 16gram sachet of handwash powder that can be mixed with water at home to make 250ml of liquid cleanser. It has a citrusy fragrance and the ingredients are plant-derived and eco-friendly.

2. Tribe Concepts Face Brightening Facewash

This soap-free Ayurvedic powder cleanser from The Tribe Concepts will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. It is sold in a sustainable, steel jar that can be easily reused in your home. And there is a pouch option as well to refill the empty jar. 

3. The Switch Fix Shampoo Bar

Switching to shampoo bars to wash your hair can prevent several bottles of shampoo from entering the landfill every year. The Switch Fix offers 9 variants of its plant-based shampoo bars to suit different hair types and concerns. They are sulphate-free, pH balanced, and very effective at cleansing your scalp without causing dryness.

4. Fiducia Botanicals Blue Tansy & Marshmallow Root Conditioner Bar

Unlike regular conditioners, solid conditioner bars are waterless and thus don’t require plastic bottles for packaging. Just like this vegan deep conditioner bar from Fiducia Botanicals that comes in an eco-friendly cardboard box. It is made with moisturising raw butters and cold-pressed oils, and wheat protein that will leave your hair softer and shinier after hair wash. 

5. Juicy Chemistry Gourmet Soaps

These certified organic cold-processed soaps from Juicy Chemistry are a wonderful zero-waste alternative to replace the plastic shower gel bottles in your bathroom. The soaps are made the traditional way by saponifying plant oils. They are also superfatted to nourish the skin while cleansing and have an invigorating aroma that will turn your shower into a relaxing ritual.

6. Beco Bamboo Brush

Over a billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill every year. So start your morning on a greener note with this bamboo toothbrush from Beco. It has a biodegradable handle made from bamboo and soft, plastic-free bristles infused with activated charcoal to clean your teeth and remove bad odours. Once the bristles have worn out, you can compost the toothbrush instead of throwing it into the trash can

7. Raw Beauty Natural Loofah

Natural loofahs are eco-friendly and sustainable since they can be easily composted with your kitchen waste. So ditch the plastic loofahs and try this natural loofah from Raw Beauty instead. The bristles are made from Ridge gourd plants and set in 3 layers to gently scrub off dead skin without damaging the skin.

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