5 ways to turn your everyday bath into a self-care haven

Consider this everyday bath ritual the next best thing to a relaxing beachside retreat

There was a time when we could look to weekend getaways and tropical retreats when we needed an escape from our everyday lives. But with the pandemic pressing pause on all forms of travel for the foreseeable future, you might find yourself denied some much-needed downtime. The good news, however, is that you needn’t wait for travel restrictions to be lifted to be able to treat yourself to a break from everyday life: with the right preparations, your everyday shower can become an oasis of calm and zen.

If you haven’t considered treating yourself to a self-care bath yet, here’s why you’ll want to change that. Beyond cleanliness and basic hygiene, a relaxing bath can help ease the tension from sore muscles and make you feel rejuvenated from within. If you aren’t a fan of expensive and elaborate routines, a quick soak in the tub is also the easiest way to incorporate some self-care into your everyday routine. If done before bedtime, a self-care bath will help you have the most soothing, peaceful sleep of your life. Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Here’s how you can create your own bathleisure routine:

Choose your accessories

Before you begin making the cake, it is necessary to ensure that you have the right ingredients at hand. Don’t fret about having to do a massive shopping haul though; just a few necessary items will help you brew a soothing bath.

Epsom salts make for a failsafe candidate to draw out the tension from sore muscles, while the right essential oils can transform the smallest bathroom into a mini oasis. Lavender is known as a mood-enhancer, while lemon oil and eucalyptus can stimulate the senses.

Set the mood

Once you’ve got your ingredients recipe, it is time to dress up the room. Don’t worry about investing in fancy bath fizzies though, and look at items that you already have at hand.

Light a few candles and scatter them around the room to create a cosy, flickering ambience. Adding a few plants to your bathroom will also help you bring the outdoors in, so find some shelf space for a touch of greenery.

Pick your ambience

Once you’ve laid out the perfect backdrop, one of the crucial finishing touches comes in the form of your soundtrack for the evening. Depending on your mood, you can curate a playlist that will help set the ambience for your self-care session. It is known that the right music can soothe your inner rhythm and help slow down the tempo of your body after a hectic day of work-from-home. If you have been feeling especially stressed, you can look to soothing soundscapes to unwind your mind.


Treat yourself

With all the necessary elements in place for the most relaxing self-care bath of your life, we are almost there. But before you soak in and check out from the everyday world, consider having a few accompaniments to indulge yourself with.

A soothing glass of bubbly to sip on while you soak in the bubbles can always help lift your spirits, while a box of macarons can do the trick just as well! If you’ve been looking to make conscious choices with your diet, a fresh fruit smoothie makes for a great candidate too.

Embellish your bathwater

As the last step to the perfect bath, look to decorate your bathwater with some quick additions. Floral bathwaters don’t just look good on the ‘gram, but will help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated from within.

If you have a bouquet around the house, you can simply scoop up the spare petals and use them to decorate your bathwater to envelope your skin with an aromatic blend. If you’re feeling zesty, you can even slice up a few citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges and grapefruit for a pop of colour.

With everything set in place, it is time to step in and enjoy a soothing soak that draws out toxins from your body, helps relax sore muscles and lets you escape from everyday life. Don’t forget to set your phone on silent mode so you can enjoy some me-time without any interruptions from the outside world!

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