5 signs that your skin is unhealthy right now

Tired of having a last-minute acne breakout show up on your face at the WORST possible time in your social calendar? Well then, don’t wait till disaster strikes to take attention of the condition that your skin is in. From dark spots to dry patches, these are signs that your skin is dialling 911 because its health and vitality has been compromised. If you are looking to listen more closely to what your skin is telling you, here are the warning signs to note down as well as the remedial measures to take asap. Thank us later.

1. Your skin is prone to discolouration

Been noticing dark spots all over your face that seem to appear for no reason? The symptoms can range from hyperpigmentation to dark circles under the eyes, all of which are usually a warning sign that your skin needs your attention. The causes can involve medical conditions as well as external factors, such as prolonged sun exposure or poor sleep patterns, which causes dark patches to show up on your face, making the skin tone appear uneven.

Umm, that doesn’t sound fun…

No, it doesn’t but the good news is that certain remedial measures can help you regain your skin’s lost vitality and lustre. For starters, ensure that you are clocking in the everyday intake of water and fluids to keep your skin hydrated and flush out toxins. Next up, turn your attention to your lifestyle. Try to get eight hours of restful sleep at night and cut back on greasy, salty foods. Lastly, allow your skincare routine to feature retinol and anti-inflammatory agents, like vitamin C, to even out discolouration.

2. Your lips are forever dry and chapped

Who said your pout isn’t part of your facial skin? Dry, cracked lips can be a signal of acute dehydration that no amount of licking your lips can fix. It is also essential to take dry lips seriously as the skin on your lips is the thinnest and therefore, the most vulnerable to dehydration. Beyond external factors, cracked lips can also be a sign that your vitamin B levels have been plummeting.

Wait, how can I make it go away?

As always, a little attention can go a long way in your lipcare routine. First of all, resist the urge to lick your lips if they feel dry as this can just make the condition worse. Instead, place a hydrating lip balm within hand’s reach on every surface: bed, side table, vanity case, bathroom, everywhere. Simultaneously, work on increasing your intake of vitamin B through leafy veggies, eggs and dairy products.

3. You keep getting acne breakouts

No, you aren’t the only one to be facing a last-minute acne breakout but if they have been showing up with recurring frequency, it might be time to sit up straight and listen to what your skin is trying to tell you. Recurrent active acne can be a sign of distressed skin that needs immediate attention. Beyond treating the acne breakout, it pays to give your attention to the underlying acne causes.

Okay, tell me what I should be doing!

Topical treatments can solve acne on the surface but if you are looking to drive acne flare-ups away and keep them gone, you will want to take a holistic approach to this problem. Washing your face regularly can keep bacteria from thriving on your skin while avoiding touching your face frequently will also help minimise the transfer of bacteria onto your skin. Replacing your mid-day snack of greasy junk food with fresh, seasonal fruits will also help feed your skin the nutrients that it needs to fight off inflammation.

4. You’ve been noticing dry patches on your skin

Has your skin been feeling dry in patches or tight and constrained to the touch? This could be a sign that your skin’s health has been affected, with the most obvious cause being dehydration. Beyond not drinking enough water, overusing products with potent ingredients like retinol, not sleeping enough and taking long hot showers can together conspire to rob your skin of its moisture.

Stahp! How do I make it better?

Drinking more water is the obvious solution but it isn’t the only solution. If you are fond of long showers, ensure that you apply a moisturiser as soon as you step out to seal the moisture into your skin. If the harsh ingredients in skincare products are causing the problem, switch to gentle, fragrance-free formulas with skin-loving ingredients such as jojoba oil and shea butter.

5. Your skin doesn’t heal quickly

Time might heal all wounds but if your skin is unable to get the job done for days on end, it might be time to pay attention. Skin is often described as the first line of defence and when the skin barrier has been weakened, it can slow down the healing process for cuts, injuries as well as everyday wear and tear, becoming more prone to inflammation and redness that can take weeks to settle down.

Uh oh, how do I fix this?

If your skin barrier has become inflamed, it is time to give it the TLC that it deserves. First order of business? Skip the incessant products and simplify your skincare routine to the basics. Look for moisturisers with humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, that can help draw moisture into your skin and seal it there.

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