5 clean makeup brands that will make you look (and feel) good

If you wouldn’t feed your body toxins, why apply them on your face? The buzz around clean beauty has been growing in recent times, and with good reason. We now know that certain bad guys (we’re looking at you, parabens and sulphates!) are known to be harmful for the skin. The sad news is that these no-good ingredients are hiding in almost every item in your makeup bag right now. If you’re looking to kick them to the curb, here’s why you should make the switch to clean makeup and the brands to bookmark for future use.

Toxins? Eww. Here’s why we love clean beauty instead!

But first things first, what exactly is all the hype around clean beauty? Simply put, clean beauty brands are devoid of ingredients that are known to or suspected of harming human health. While the list is long, the common culprits are parabens, phthalates, sulphates, oxybenzone, triclosan, hydroquinone as well as artificial fragrances.

A clean makeup product, thus, is one that is completely safe for the health of the people using it as well as the planet that it will be left behind on. This is why clean beauty products are often accompanied by biodegradable packaging to ensure that the product leaves behind a minimal footprint on the environment. Now that we have the basics in place, it is time to go shopping and to replace the harmful chemicals camping out in your makeup bag with greener, cleaner alternatives. Who’s in?

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Kiro Beauty

Why wait for your cousins and friends to return from the States to get you your stash of clean beauty? There are a host of homegrown names rising that offer formulas and products that are on par with global standards. Among them is Kiro Beauty, a homegrown name that is devoid of parabens as well as vegan, cruelty-free and PETA-approved. You’ll recognize the brand by its distinctive packaging that employs vibrant florals to stand out on your vanity shelf.

Love multifunctional products that work as hard as you do? We do too! Here’s a look at all the ways in which you can invite some multitasking products to your makeup routine:

One product, multiple uses: Kiro Beauty Glow-On Blush Duo

  • Swirl your brush across the dual colours in the compact to give your cheeks a rosy glow

  • Then switch to an eye brush and use both the two colours to create a different eyeshadow look each time!

ASA Beauty

Inspired by the goodness of nature, this homegrown brand seeks to offer formulas that are tailor-made for the diversity of Indian skin tones. As a clean and conscious makeup brand, its botanical-driven formulations are tempered with safe synthetics while keeping the nasties away – say goodbye to parabens, sulphates and silicone. The brand’s eco-friendly ethos is further underscored by its refillable program that reduces the generation of beauty waste.

One product, multiple uses: asa Lip & Cheek Tint

  • Glide the tint over your pout for a gentle wash of colour, ideal for nailing the no-makeup makeup look

  • Then, dab the buttery texture over your cheekbones for a post-workout rosy blush

ILIA Beauty

While much chatter has been made about clean products in skincare, Ilia’s expansive offering of clean makeup products spans the spectrum from foundations and lip colours to mascaras and highlighters. The brand’s focus on skin-centric beauty finds further ground with conscious formulas made with skin-loving ingredients, such as foundations and translucent powders with SPF. Sounds like a win-win, yes?

One product, multiple uses: ILIA Liquid Light Serum Highlighter

  • Apply the serum highlighter on your cheekbones where the light hits your face for a radiant glow at night

  • During the day, mix some with your foundation for a luminous, glowing-from-within finish

Kosas Cosmetics

In the quest of giving the world of colour cosmetics a clean update, Kosas Cosmetics offers clean, safe-for-you formulas that have banned 2,700 ingredients, including parabens, talc and formaldehydes. Alongside a stellar roster of skincare, the label also serves up clean mascaras, eyeshadows, concealers and brow gels.

One product, multiple uses: Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer

  • Using a fluffy brush, sweep the bronzer across your cheekbones in light buildable layers for greater colour payoff.

  • Switch to an eyeshadow brush and apply a light dusting underneath your eyelids to subtly make your eyes pop.

Milk Makeup

A stalwart in the world of clean beauty, Milk Makeup’s success story is the stuff of legends. Alongside its roaring sales, the brand is also known for its inclusive positioning that has scored majorly with its millennial and Gen Z audience. As the founders all had children at the time of creating the brand, they made a pact to keep all toxic products away, so they wouldn’t feel bad if their kids got their hands on the products.

One product, multiple uses: Milk Makeup Glow Oil

  • As a shimmery oil, swipe it across your lips for a popsicle stain.

  • As a cheek tint, dot it on your face for a sheer wash of colour.

While wanting to make the switch to clean beauty is the right choice for you and the environment, attempting to completely overhaul your makeup bag overnight can be a tall task. Instead, go about it one-by-one (the next time you run out of mascara, switch to a clean formula instead) and you’ll find that you can go the distance!

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