4 reasons you should take hot shower at night

Who doesn’t like to indulge in a nice, relaxing shower at the end of the day? There is a constant debate between the benefits of bathing with cold and hot water as each has its own pros and cons. Here are 4 ways in which hot showers help your body and skin.

  • Relaxes Sore Muscles

Hot water baths help relieve any sore muscles caused during intense workouts. It stimulates blood flow to muscles and joints easing out the pain. Definitely opt for a hot shower when you are suffering from joint pains or menstrual cramps.

  • Relieves Nasal Congestion

Taking a hot shower when suffering from cold can be beneficial. The steam from the hot shower helps open your blocked nose and relieves congestion caused by phlegm. You can also hang a bundle of fresh eucalyptus leaves to the shower head to harness its anti-inflammatory powers that help with the cold.

  • Loosens the Pores

Hot water loosens the pores of the skin and helps remove the dirt within it easily. This prevents clogged pores which may lead to acne or whiteheads. It also loosens the blackheads and helps extract them from the skin faster.

  • Helps Fall Asleep Faster

A hot shower induces sleep by relaxing all the muscles in the body. It also helps reduce stress levels which improve the quality of sleep. The trick is to allow your body at least an hour before bedtime to cool down.

Hot water definitely has its disadvantages too. When the temperature is extremely hot, it can alleviate skin problems like eczema. So make sure the water is not scalding hot and just a few degrees higher than normal body temperature.

Don’t let hot showers be reserved just for the cold winter days. Share below if you prefer hot water showers too.

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