11 niacin-rich foods to eat your way to healthy skin

It is impossible to walk down the skincare aisle without being confronted with niacinamide in all its many forms: from dark spot-reducing serums to skin-clearing face gels. This wonder vitamin, a derivative of vitamin B3, holds credit for fortifying the skin barrier. What does that mean for you? Better resilience against acne breakouts, balanced oil production and improved texture. However, your only options for tapping into its benefits aren’t your favourite lotions and potions. Head over instead to your pantry to feed your skin the benefits of this skincare superhero. Not sure where to get started? Scroll below for an easy schedule to follow.

Niacin-rich foods to add to your breakfast in the AM


If you are looking to boost your skin’s health and texture, it helps to make room in your breakfast menu for avocados that offer 3.5 mg of niacin: consider 20% of your daily requirement sorted. While they are best enjoyed smushed and seasoned, you can consider adding one to your morning smoothie for a vitamin-rich boost to your skin.


If you haven’t gone nuts over peanuts yet, now you will. For those who follow a vegetarian lifestyle, peanuts serve as one of nature’s richest storehouses of niacin. Spreading two spoonfuls of creamy peanut butter over toasted bread in the morning will help you clock in 30% of your required niacin intake for the day.


Vegetarians and vegans will also want to look to mushrooms as a reliable source of niacin, tallying up to 2.5 mg per cup. The payoff for opting for mushroom-related breakfast ideas, such as mushroom toast along with scrambled eggs, will come in the form of reduced skin sensitivity and lesser flare-ups.

Sunflower seeds

These little seeds are also a worthy candidate in your anti-ageing arsenal. Packed with vitamin B3, they can be easily tossed over salads, smoothies and oatmeal. Looking to fight the mid-day munchies? Grab a handful of sunflower seeds instead of greasy fast foods.

Niacin-rich foods to choose for lunch in the noon


The highest source of niacin, one serving of liver can offer up 14.7 mg which is your entire daily requirement taken care of in one meal. The vitamins present in liver are easily absorbed and put to use for reducing acne in the skin, so look to sauteed liver for your next meal and observe the difference in your skin.

Chicken breast

Next on the menu is lean chicken breast that can help you clock in 11.4 mg of niacin (81 of your daily quota). A healthy recipe, such as baked chicken breasts with lemon and honey, will help you employ vitamin B3 for better skin elasticity and fighting free radicals, all without compromising on taste.

Brown rice

Pair your proteins with a helping of brown rice that can help you bridge in any remaining gaps in your niacin intake for the day. As opposed to white rice, its brown alternative floods the skin with antioxidants that keep your skin glowing and smoother for longer.

Niacin-rich foods to end the day with in the PM


Tired of dinner monotony? Spin the wheel on the usual suspects and you’ll find a winner in tuna that is loaded with 21 mg of niacin, which means that even one serving per week will help you get your required dosage of this wonder vitamin.


Don’t go cold turkey on turkey just because it contains lesser niacin than chicken. Word on the science street has it that turkey also contains tryptophan that your body can convert into niacin. The high concentration of nutrients in turkey helps boost your skin’s natural collagen, so why not opt for a teriyaki turkey rice bowl for your next dinner?


For those who eat fish but not meat, salmon is brimming with nature’s bounty of niacin. One serving that can deliver on half your daily requirement of niacin, while the presence of omega-3 fatty acids helps combat inflammation in the skin as well. Win-win, yes?

Sweet potatoes

For those looking to add a healthy source of plant-based niacin to their dinner menu, sweet potatoes make for a reliable choice. Known to play a key role in collagen production, they also pair well with proteins like chicken and tuna, making them a permanent mainstay in your pantry as well as your dinner plate.

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